Fan furore as Malaysia-Thailand final tickets not sold online

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Fans queueing up at Shah Alam for tickets 28082017
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The announcement that tickets to the gold medal match between Malaysia and Thailand would not be sold online was only made on Sunday night.

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Despite the success of hosts Malaysia in making it to the gold medal match in the SEA Games men's football competition, the home fans have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

The competitions on Sunday announced that the tickets to the match would only be sold at the stadium, and no tickets would be sold online unlike for the earlier matches and other events in the multi-sport regional competition.

The announcement was only made on Sunday night, and fans who want to buy the tickets to the match have to queue up at the Shah Alam Stadium on Monday morning to purchase them.

According to the announcement, the home fans can buy the tickets at the Shah Alam Stadium, while Thai fans can purchase them at the adjacent Malawati Indoor Stadium.

Fans instantly bashed the decision on social media, questioning the decision that would force them to have to take time off from work in order to queue up.

However, they still queued up for the tickets, with many of them gathering at the venue on early Monday morning.

Initially, the situation at the stadium was under control with fans queueing up properly, with the long line snaking around the stadium entrance.

But frustrations soon set in and pandemonium broke out, with impatient fans taking down the barriers and surrounding the ticket counters.

Once again, football fans in the country have been let down by the administrators. At the time this article was published, it is unknown whether the tickets are still available.