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Melaka docked 3 points, drops from 3rd to 11th in Super League

With all that is going on within the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the subsequent Movement Control Order (MCO) imposed on the citizens, it would seems a harder break for Melaka.

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This is because they have been punished by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for failing to adhere to the financial plans that they have submitted previously to the governing body.

The punishment sees three points being deducted from their points total in the 2020 Super League season, which means they lost half of their points total and saw them dropped to second last in the division.

Back in 31 January 2020, Melaka had already submitted their plans to clear debts owed to players and officials which were accepted by FAM in accordance with the club licensing requirements.

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However the club has failed to follow their plan in February which has led to the clampdown from FAM and they face incurring further wrath if they are unable to resume that plan by end of April.

This announcement came a day after Damien Yeo resigned from his position as the president of Melaka Football Association, having already helped clear RM5.7 million off the debt including pumping his own RM2.6 million.

In his statement published on his Facebook page, Damien also revealed that the current balance debt owed is RM1.4 million. The club has since released a statement accepting the punishment handed down.

Meanwhile three other teams under scrutiny have managed to escaped further punishment. The same situation is being faced by PDRM, Sarawak and Kelantan who have all complied with their respective plans. 

FAM will be continuing to monitor the situation and will not be accepting the current situation with the country as a deterrent for these teams to adhere to the financial requirements.

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