'Everything will work out naturally' - Man City's Al Mubarak reveals plan for Aguero and Guardiola contract talks

Sergio Aguero Pep Guardiola Manchester City
The club president says the two will have the freedom to decide their own futures in the same way that David Silva and Vincent Kompany did

Khaldoon Al Mubarak says that Sergio Aguero and Pep Guardiola are free to make their own decisions on their futures as the Manchester City chairman says contract talks with the two will be very "natural".

The striker and manager are entering the final 10 months of their contracts with the club, bringing their futures into doubt.

Aguero has been with Manchester City since 2011, having emerged as the fourth-highest goalscorer in Premier League history as well as the highest-scoring non-Englishman in the competition's history.

A pillar of Manchester City's four title-winning teams, Aguero is already a legend at Manchester City as he's helped guide the club to 13 total trophies during his time in England.

However, the club has had to say goodbye to several legends in recent years, with Vincent Kompany leaving last summer, while David Silva recently confirmed his move to Real Sociedad after a decade with the club.

And, if Aguero chooses, he'll have the freedom to leave on good terms just like Kompany and Silva did as Al Mubarak says talks over a new contract will be relatively stress-free.

"We've been very lucky and it's a testament to the type of players over the years, to have players like David Silva, like Vincent Kompany, like Pablo Zabaleta, like Sergio Aguero that have committed and stuck with the team for many, many years," he told Manchester City's official website

"I think this is a testament to these players, their personalities and their commitment to Manchester and their commitment to the club. And I think the relationship that we've been able to build between the club and these players, the managers, that whole ecosystem.

"To have a player like David Silva commit essentially 10 years of his life to this club, to have a player like Sergio Aguero do the same, I'm very proud of that. This is what tells me we have it right.

"They are part of the DNA of the club now and the decision of them continuing or stopping, it's the comfort zone that they have to decide.

"It's the same with Vincent. He left when he felt it was right to leave, and same with David Silva.

"Sergio is going to get the same and we are going to work it out together and it will be very natural wherever that is if it's next year or the year after. It will play out in a very comfortable way whatever Sergio decides."

Like Aguero, Guardiola is also in the final months of his deal, having joined in 2016 after a stint at Bayern Munich.

Al Mubarak expects talks with Guardiola to also be straightforward, as both sides have an understanding of what the other is looking for.

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"This conversation with Pep is a natural conversation. Me and him have a very clear understanding, an understanding on what's right for the club and what's not," Al Mubarak said.

"We have a clear alignment on where we see for the future and what we want in terms of success for the club. It will be a natural conversation as we go and it will work out for the best for Pep, for me and for the club.”

He added: "Everything will work out naturally in the right way. I think we have the right people involved. We have the right trust in each other and what's best will happen."