Eric Cantona's movies: All the ex-Manchester United footballer's acting roles

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Eric Cantona is one of the most iconic footballers to ever play in the Premier League and, with his defiantly upturned collar, he became the emblem of Manchester United's dominance in the 1990s.

He left football fans and the English sports media flummoxed with pronouncements about seagulls following trawlers, not to mention his moment of madness during an infamous game against Crystal Palace in 1995.

The enigmantic Frenchman's premature retirement from football in 1997 has been followed by a two-decade-long acting career, which, given his dramatic nature is perhaps no surprise.

Goal brings you everything you need to know about Cantona's acting career, the films he has been in and more.


  1. When did Eric Cantona begin acting?
  2. What movies has Eric Cantona been in?
  3. Has Eric Cantona been in any television shows?
  4. Which Nike commercials has Eric Cantona been in?
  5. Eric Cantona in Liam Gallagher's 'Once' music video

When did Eric Cantona begin acting?

Eric Cantona's acting career began in 1995 when he landed a role as a rugby player in the French film Happiness is in the Field.

The shooting of the film took place during Cantona's suspension from football in 1995, which followed his decision to physically attack a fan in the middle of a match.

Since then he has embraced the trade of acting with passion and has featured in a variety of films.

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What movies has Eric Cantona been in?

Since embarking on an acting career in the late 1990s, Cantona has amassed credits in over 30 movies and continues to accept roles.

While he has mostly appeared in indie French-language films, the former Manchester United captain had a role in the BAFTA award-winning Elizabeth (1998), in which he starred alongside Cate Blanchett.

Looking for Eric (2009), directed by Ken Loach, is perhaps Cantona's best known movie. It received a rating of 85 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

He became a regular collaborator with the French actress Rachida Brakni, working with her in The Overeater (2003) and Une belle histoire (2005), before eventually getting married to her in 2007.

Many of Cantona's roles involve a dimension of physicality or the suggestion thereof, which is unsurprising given his imposing size and athletic history.

Year Film Role
1995 Happiness is in the Field Lionel
1997 Question d'Honneur Boxing promoter
1998 Elizabeth Paul de Foix
1998 Mookie Antoine Capella
1999 The Children of the Marshland Jo Sardi
2001 The High Life Joueuer de petanque 2
2003 The Overeater Le commissaire Selena
2003 The Car Keys Comedian
2005 It's Our Life Pierre
2005 Une belle histoire -
2006 Lisa et le pilote d'avion Fando
2007 The Second Wind Alban
2008 Jack Says Man at bar
2008 French Film Thierry Grimandi
2009 Looking For Eric Himself
2010 Together Is Too Much Gerard
2011 Switch Damien Forgeat
2011 De Force Manuel Makarov
2011 Etreinte Eric
2012 Porn in the Hood Football coach
2012 Hip Moves Michel
2013 You and the Night The Stallion
2014 The Salvation The Corsican
2015 The Mad Kings Jacky Chichinet
2016 Marie and the Misfits Antoine
2017 Anka Brazilijanac
2018 Ulysses and Mona Ulysse Borelli

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Has Eric Cantona been in any television shows?

Cantona has not starred in any TV series, but has performed roles in a number of TV movies over the course of his acting career.

Some of the TV films he has been in include Eleven Men Against Eleven (1995), Black Butterfly (2008) and Delit de Fuite (2013).

Year Film Role
1995 Eleven Men Against Eleven Player (uncredited)
2008 Black Butterfly Jack
2009 La Liste Michael Lombardi
2013 Delit de Fuite Paul
2019 Le Voyageur Thomas Bareski

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Which Nike commercials has Eric Cantona been in?

Eric Cantona has been in a number of Nike commercials over the years, including one that was directed by Monty Python troupe member Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas).

He was the lead actor in the iconic 1996 commercial 'Good versus Evil', which saw him head up a team of his contemporaries against a band of the devil's demons.

Cantona later appeared as the mysterious figure who arranged and refereed an underground football tournament involving some of the world's best players.

You can see a list of the Nike commercials Cantona has been in below.

Year Commercial Role
1996 Good vs Evil Himself
1997 Park Life Himself
2002 Secret Tournament (Scorpion KO/The Cage) Himself
2006 Joga Bonito (Manifesto Futbolista) Himself

As well as Nike, Cantona has worked with other companies on TV commercial campaigns. He has featured in advertisements for Eurostar, Renault and Paddy Power.

His most recent television commercial contributions have been as Eurosport's 'Commisioner of Football' and as Paddy Power's guide for surviving Brexit.

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Eric Cantona in Liam Gallagher's 'Once' music video

Liam Gallagher enlisted the services of Cantona for the music video for his single 'Once' from the 2019 album 'Why Me? Why Not?'.

The choice of the Manchester United icon in the role of 'The King' - an affectionate nickname given to him by the Old Trafford faithful - is particularly jarring in the context of Gallagher being a Manchester City fan.

Nevertheless, the artist has made no secret of his admiration for the Frenchman.

"I’m absolutely thrilled to have Eric Cantona, the last Rock n roll footballer, star in my video for ‘Once’," Gallagher said in a Twitter post. 

"Songs like this don’t come around very often and neither do football players like him."

You can watch the music video above.

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