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eLiga MX: Clausura 2020 schedule, teams and live streamed matches on TV

Following the declaration of a global coronavirus pandemic and the halt of soccer across the world, the brains behind Liga MX have decided to run an eLiga MX on FIFA 20.

Each club selects a player from their squad to represent them in the online tournament and there are 17 matchdays before a play-off stage to decide the champion.

The regular tournament runs from April 10 until June 7, after which the championship play-offs will take place, and Liga MX are showing games back on their YouTube channel.

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If you're keen to stay up to date on eLiga MX scores and when the games are being shown on TV, Goal has everything you need right here.

eLiga MX 2020 schedule, fixtures & results

Round One

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 10Necaxa 2-4 MonterreyTUDN2pm
April 10Cruz Azul 1-4 AtlasTUDN3pm
April 10Puebla 3-0 Club AmericaTV Azteca8pm
April 11Tigres 2-2 Atletico San LuisTUDN1pm
April 11Guadalajara 5-5 JuarezChivas TV, TV Azteca, TUDN2pm
April 11Monarcas Morelia 0-4 TolucaTV Azteca8pm
April 12Leon 3-2 QueretaroTUDN, Fox Sports, Claro Sports2pm
April 12Univeridad Nacional 2-1 PachucaTUDN3pm
April 12Club Tijuana 1-5 Santos LagunaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm

Round Two

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 13Toluca 3-3 NecaxaTUDN2pm
April 13Atletico San Luis 2-0 Cruz AzulTUDN3pm
April 13Atlas 1-2 PueblaTV Azteca8pm
April 14Juarez 1-3 Universidad NacionalTUDN2pm
April 14Pachuca 7-1 GuadalajaraTUDN, Fox Sports, Claro Sports3pm
April 14Monterrey 1-2 Monarcas MoreliaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
April 15Santos Laguna 1-4 LeonTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
April 15Club America 3-2 TigresTUDN3pm
April 15Queretaro 1-1 Club TijuanaImagen TV7pm

Round Three

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 17Juarez 0-1 Monarcas MoreliaTUDN2pm
April 17Necaxa 0-5 Atletico San LuisTUDN3pm
April 17Club Tijuana 3-1 Club AmericaTV Azteca, Fox Sports9:30pm
April 17Puebla 1-1 QueretaroTV Azteca10:30pm
April 18Tigres 0-6 AtlasTUDN1pm
April 18Cruz Azul 3-4 Santos LagunaTUDN2pm
April 19Universidad Nacional 2-1 MonterreyTUDN2pm
April 19Guadalajara 0-0 TolucaChivas TV, TV Azteca, TUDN3pm
April 19Leon 1-0 PachucaTUDN, Claro Sports, Fox Sports8pm

Round Four

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 20Necaxa 1-1 PueblaTUDN2pm
April 20Club Atletico de San Luis 2-0 GuadalajaraTUDN2:30pm
April 20Atlas 2-2 Club TijuanaTV Azteca, Fox8pm
April 21Monterrey 5-0 QueretaroTUDN, Fox2pm
April 21Club America 6-3 JuarezTUDN2:30pm
April 21Monarcas Morelia 2-5 LeonTV Azteca8pm
April 22Pachuca 2-0 TigresTUDN, Fox Sports, Claro Sports2pm
April 22Toluca 3-1 Cruz AzulTUDN2:30pm
April 22Santos Laguna 2-0 Universidad NacionalTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm

Round Five

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 24Juarez 1-2 NecaxaTUDN2pm
April 24Atlas 4-0 Monarcas MoreliaTV Azteca, Fox Sports4:30pm
April 24Puebla 0-6 Santos LagunaTV Azteca5:15pm
April 25Tigres 0-4 GuadalajaraTUDN2pm
April 25Cruz Azul 2-4 PachucaTUDN2:30pm
April 25Club Tijuana 1-3 TolucaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
April 26Queretaro 1-3 Club AmericaImagen TV1pm
April 26Universidad Nacional 1-2 Atletico San LuisTUDN2pm
April 26Leon 3-3 MonterreyTUDN2:30pm

Round Six

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
April 27Monterrey 3-1 JuarezTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
April 27Santos Laguna 0-4 TigresTUDN, Fox Sports2:30pm
April 27Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Club TijuanaTV Azteca8pm
April 28Club America 2-0 AtlasTUDN2pm
April 28Necaxa 2-2 QueretaroTUDN2:30pm
April 28Pachuca 2-1 PueblaTUDN, Fox Sports, Claro Sports8pm
April 29Guadalajara 4-1 Cruz AzulChivas TV, TV Azteca, TUDN2pm
April 29Toluca 3-0 Universidad NacionalTUDN2:30pm
April 29Atletico San Luis 1-6 LeonTUDN7pm

Round Seven

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 1Juarez 1-3 Santos LagunaTUDN2pm
May 1Puebla 1-2 TolucaTV Azteca5pm
May 1Atlas 3-0 PachucaTV Azteca, FOX5:30pm
May 2Universidad Nacional 3-4 Monarcas MoreliaTUDN2pm
May 2Leon 5-1 NecaxaTUDN, Fox Sports, Claro Sports2:30pm
May 2Monterrey 4-1 Club AmericaTV Azteca, Fox Sports7pm
May 3Queretaro 3-5 Atletico San LuisImagen TV1pm
May 3Cruz Azul 1-3 TigresTUDN2pm
May 3Club Tijuana 0-2 GuadalajaraTUDN, Fox Sports2:30pm

Round Eight

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 4Pachuca 3-0 QueretaroTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 4Club Tijuana 3-0 PueblaTUDN, Fox Sports3pm
May 4Monarcas Morelia 1-0 Cruz AzulTV Azteca8pm
May 5Tigres 2-3 Universidad NacionalTUDN2pm
May 5Club America 5-0 NecaxaTUDN3pm
May 5Santos Laguna 2-1 AtlasTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
May 6Toluca 2-8 MonterreyTUDN2pm
May 6Guadalajara 1-1 LeonChivas TV, TUDN, TV Azteca3pm
May 6Atletico San Luis 3-3 JuarezESPN7pm

Round Nine

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 8Monterrey 0-3 Atletico San LuisTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 8Juarez 0-4 LeonTUDN2:30pm
May 8Puebla 1-0 TigresTV Azteca4pm
May 8Atlas 1-1 GuadalajaraTV Azteca, Fox4:30pm
May 9Cruz Azul 2-1 Club TijuanaTUDN2pm
May 9Pachuca 1-0 Santos LagunaTUDN, Fox Sports2:30pm
May 10Queretaro 5-1 TolucaImagen TV1pm
May 10Necaxa 6-2 Monarcas MoreliaTUDN2pm
May 10Universidad Nacional 1-3 Club AmericaTUDN2:30pm

Round 10

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 11Toluca vs AtlasTUDN2pm
May 11Tigres vs JuarezTUDN3pm
May 11Monarcas Morelia vs QueretaroTV Azteca8pm
May 12Leon vs Universidad NacionalTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 12Guadalajara vs MonterreyChivas TV, TUDN, TV Azteca3pm
May 12Club Tijuana vs PachucaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
May 13Santos Laguna vs NecaxaTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 13Club America vs Cruz AzulTUDN3pm
May 13Atletico San Luis vs PueblaESPN7pm

Round 11

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 15Monterrey vs Santos LagunaTV Azteca, Fox Sports2pm
May 15Juarez vs AtlasTUDN3pm
May 15Monarcas Morelia vs Atletico San LuisTV Azteca8pm
May 16Pachuca vs TolucaTUDN, Fox Sports1pm
May 16Necaxa vs TigresTUDN2pm
May 16Puebla vs Cruz AzulTV Azteca8pm
May 17Queretaro vs GuadalajaraImagen TV1pm
May 17Universidad Nacional vs Club TijuanaTUDN2pm
May 17Club America vs LeonTUDN3pm

Round 12

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 18Leon vs PueblaTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 18Club Tijuana vs NecaxaTUDN, Fox Sports3pm
May 18Atlas vs MonterreyTV Azteca, Fox8pm
May 19Tigres vs QueretaroTUDN2pm
May 19Guadalajara vs Monarcas MoreliaChivas TV, TV Azteca, TUDN3pm
May 19Atletico San Luis vs PachucaESPN7pm
May 20Toluca vs JuarezTUDN2pm
May 20Cruz Azul vs Universidad NacionalTUDN3pm
May 20Santos Laguna vs Club AmericaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm

Round 13

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 22Pachuca vs NecaxaTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 22Santos Laguna vs Atletico San LuisTUDN, Fox Sports3pm
May 22Atlas vs Universidad NacionalTV Azteca, Fox8pm
May 23Cruz Azul vs QueretaroTUDN2pm
May 23Tigres vs MonterreyTUDN3pm
May 23Puebla vs Monarcas MoreliaTV Azteca8pm
May 24Toluca vs LeonTUDN2pm
May 24Guadalajara vs Club AmericaChivas TV, TUDN, TV Azteca3pm
May 24Club Tijuana vs JuarezTV Azteca, Fox Sports7pm

Round 14

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 25Juarez vs PachucaTUDN3pm
May 25Monterrey vs Club TijuanaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
May 25Monarcas Morelia vs TigresTV Azteca9pm
May 26Leon vs Cruz AzulTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 26Necaxa vs GuadalajaraTUDN3pm
May 26Atletico San Luis vs AtlasESPN7pm
May 27Universidad Nacional vs PueblaTUDN2pm
May 27Club America vs TolucaTUDN3pm
May 27Queretaro vs Santos LagunaImagen TV7pm

Round 15

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
May 29Juarez vs PueblaTUDN2pm
May 29Necaxa vs Universidad NacionalTUDN3pm
May 29Monarcas Morelia vs PachucaTV Azteca8pm
May 30Toluca vs TigresTUDN1pm
May 30Guadalajara vs Santos LagunaChivas TV, TUDN, TV Azteca2pm
May 30Monterrey vs Cruz AzulTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
May 31Queretaro vs AtlasImagen TV1pm
May 31Leon vs Club TijuanaTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
May 31Club America vs Atletico San LuisTUDN3pm

Round 16

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
June 1Tigres vs Club TijuanaTUDN3pm
June 1Puebla vs MonterreyTV Azteca8pm
June 1Atlas vs LeonTV Azteca, Fox9pm
June 2Cruz Azul vs NecaxaTUDN2pm
June 2Pachuca vs Club AmericaTUDN, Fox Sports3pm
June 2Santos Laguna vs Monarcas MoreliaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
June 3Atletico San Luis vs TolucaESPN2pm
June 3Universidad Nacional vs GuadalajaraTUDN3pm
June 3Queretaro vs JuarezImagen TV7pm

Round 17

DateGameTV channelTime (local)
June 5Leon vs TigresTUDN, Fox Sports2pm
June 5Necaxa vs AtlasTUDN3pm
June 5Club Tijuana vs Atletico San LuisTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
June 6Santos Laguna vs TolucaTUDN, Fox Sports1pm
June 6Juarez vs Cruz AzulTUDN2pm
June 6Monterrey vs PachucaTV Azteca, Fox Sports8pm
June 7Universidad Nacional vs QueretaroTUDN2pm
June 7Guadalajara vs PueblaChivas TV, TUDN, TV Azteca3pm
June 7Monarcas Morelia vs Club AmericaTV Azteca8pm


DateGameTV channelTime (local)


DateGameTV channelTime (local)


DateGameTV channelTime (local)