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Kassim Aidara: Quess East Bengal disrespected their players

Following Johnny Acosta’s attack on East Bengal’s investors Quess Corp through social media, his teammate Kassim Aidara lashed out at the Bengaluru-based company over non-payment of players’ salaries.

The Costa Rican World Cupper left Kolkata on Monday morning but not before he shared a post on Instagram in which he launched a scathing attack on Quess for not paying players’ salaries for the last two months.

He also accused the company of being apathetic towards the players’ situation during the Coronavirus pandemic. On Acosta’s Instagram post, his teammate Aidara commented and he too attacked the club’s investors.

Aidara’s comment read, “Brother, we had a great quarantine together, unfortunately, Quess East Bengal FC made it very tough for us in this difficult time. A lot of disappointment towards Quess East Bengal and there has been a lack of respect towards all the players but especially for us foreigners who enjoyed our time with East Bengal Club and it was a pleasure to be part of this amazing team and it was amazing playing alongside with you and all the other players. It’s a pity that all had to end in such circumstances. The fans are amazing and they didn’t deserve this kind of a disaster. Even the players didn’t deserve this kind of treatment from Quess East Bengal FC. Take care brother and I hope to see you soon Johnny Acosta.”

The relation between the players and the club turned sour in recent weeks as investor Quess Corp decided to activate the ‘Force Majeure’ clause in the players’ contracts and decided to cut their salaries for the last two months.