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Cristiano Ronaldo hair transplant clinic: What is it, how much it'll cost & full details

21:18 GMT 19/03/2019
Cristiano Ronaldo Insparya
The Portugal international's abilities aren't just limited to the football pitch as he has announced a foray into business

When he's not single-handedly rescuing Juventus' Champions League hopes by scoring hat-tricks against Atletico Madrid or breaking record after record on the football pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo runs his own hair transplant clinic.

Announced in March 2019, the Portugal sensation has now started his own hair transplant clinic in Spain to primarily help people improve their self-esteem.

But what are the full details of the clinic, and how much do procedures cost? Goal takes a look.

What is Ronaldo's hair transplant clinic?

Ronaldo, who is known for having an interest in his own self-care and maintaining his looks, has said that he wished to open the clinic as a way to help people deal with alopecia, which is a condition where people undergo the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows – in this case, the head, which leads to premature baldness.

In addition to helping people with their confidence by controlling their hair growth to avoid such issues as male-patterned baldness, Ronaldo said that he intended to start the clinic to boost the country's economy as well as helping the Spanish people.

Ronaldo attended the inauguration of the company, which belongs to the Insparya company. 50 percent of it, however, is owned by him.

"Alopecia is a very big problem in Europe and around the world and we want to help people improve their self-esteem and not be ashamed to come to us," Cristiano said at the inauguration.

"Everyone likes to take care of their image and I am a very clear example of this, and that is why when Paulo (Ramos, CEO of the group) told me about this project I immediately realised that it was something unique.

"This project is going to be a success, as we want to help the Spaniards and the Spanish economy."

Insparya group own 10 clinics in Portugal and have made roughly 35,000 transplants. Their treatments typically last around six hours and cost between €4,000 (£3,400) to €7,000 (£6,000).

“This new project is unique and innovative, with a strong focus on research and technology, in which I intend to contribute and invest to improve the self-esteem of many men and women who suffer from hair loss," Ronaldo elaborated on an Instagram post.

He also stated that when the time comes, he won't hesitate to use the services of his own hair clinic: "When I think it's necessary [to have a transplant], of course, I'll do it. One's image is an essential tool for being successful. For me, it's fundamental.”

According to the Daily Mirror, the clinic will employ 150 people and perform an average of 18 transplants each day, ranging from services such as beard and eyebrows treatment. His girlfriend Georgina is also set to become one of the clinic's managers.

Last month, Ronaldo said: "In addition to football, I am passionate about health, technology and research, they are areas which I wanted to invest in."

Has Ronaldo had a hair transplant?

Whereas the likes of Wayne Rooney have been very public about his hair transplant in 2011, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the former Real Madrid star has taken to the service, despite saying that he would use his own clinic's services.

Ronaldo was seen at a Monaco gala with what is regarded as receding hairline – a norm for many men – but it had apparently disappeared during his next public appearance.

  • In response, hair transplant experts from The Belgravia Centre wrote a tongue-in-cheek message on their website: “We’re sure the star would want to catch hair loss as soon as it began.”