Coronavirus: Fufa tasked to distribute food donations to licensed players

Fufa president Moses MagogoFufa

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) has been asked to distribute foodstuff to their licensed players in order to cushion them from the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fufa had donated 12.5 tonnes of rice to the National Covid-19 Task Force through the Office of the Prime Minister for onward distribution, but they have been asked by the authority to distribute the food donations instead.

The federation confirmed all the licensed players are supposed to receive their rations by Monday.

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“The Covid-19 National Task Force delegated Fufa to distribute rice to vulnerable football players and officials on its behalf and report back,” Fufa said in a statement on their Facebook page.

“Fufa has consequently started the nation-wide distribution of the rice to the players, through their respective clubs, that include; the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 16 Uganda Premier League clubs, the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 18 Fufa Big League clubs, the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the seven Fufa Women Super League clubs and the 2019/20 Fufa licensed players of the 14 Fufa Women Elite League clubs.

“It’s the obligation of the respective clubs to ensure that each player signs in person for the rice. The entitled players are expected to have received their rice by 1800 Hours on Monday 20th April 2020.”

The Minister of State for Sports Hamson Denis Obua had urged other members of society to follow in Fufa's footsteps and make their own contribution as the country tries to combat the spread of coronavirus.

“On behalf of the sports sub-sector of Uganda, I would like to salute Fufa through this humble donation of rice to the National Taskforce of Covid-19,” Obua was quoted by Fufa's website.

“We are optimistic as a country in response to the call by the President of Uganda, the sports subsector although has been greatly affected together with tourism through Fufa we are able to make this humble contribution.

“I call upon all the sports-loving members of the society who can make a contribution just like Fufa has done to follow suit but there is also a provision in the Bible in the Acts of Apostles Chapter 20 verse 35 that says; there is more blessing in giving than receiving."

Football activities were suspended by another month after the government extended the date of the country-wide lockdown by another 21 days.