Call of Duty: Warzone | Coalition vs Allegiance | Samuel Umtiti is the third defender of the ultimate team

Samuel Umtiti has secured his place in call of Duty: Wazone ultimate team, which features a cambo of COD's operators and football players who have similar characteristics. has teamed up with Call of Duty to make the "Coalition vs Allegiance" ultimate team. The concept consists on choosing 11 characters from both the Coalition and Allegiance who are featuring in Warzone.

We then analyze the specific traits of each character and potential Footballers who fit the mould and resemble well with the character. The audience is involved by voting for their favorite Operator-Footballer combo to make it feature in the Ultimate team.

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For the fourth poll, we had a duel between Samuel Umtiti and Milan Skriniar who were representing Krueger from the Allegiance team and Otter from the Coalition team respectively.

Umtiti led the poll with 52% of the votes (11417) beating out Internazionale's defender who ended up with 48% of the votes (10570).

Stay tuned for our next poll...

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