Bodo/Glimt coach Knutsen considered quitting after Roma assault accusation

Kjetil Knutsen Bodo/GlimtGetty Images

Bodo/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen says he considered quitting his role after being accused of assault by Roma.

The Norwegian side's 2-1 win against the Italian side in the Europa Conference League clash last week was marred by reports of a fight between coaches after the match.

Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini said after the match that Knutsen attacked the Serie A team's goalkeeping coach.

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What has been said?

But Knutsen admits that the incident gave him a lot to consider, telling Avisa Nordland: "It is on a level that I have considered whether I should continue with this.

"It is so far from my, the club's and Norwegian football's values.

"You have to get in and gather strength in yourself to solve the situation in the best possible way.

"Such things can make me want to do something completely different.

"For me, the most important thing is to be able to see myself in the mirror. If it's at the expense of it, I have to consider whether it's actually worth it. This game costs a lot."

Mourinho had a dig at Bodo/Glimt

Roma were involved in another controversy on Sunday during their Serie A match against Salernitana.

One of the capital club's staff members were involved in an altercation with the Italian top-flight's bottom team.

Head coach Jose Mourinho apologised for the incident, admitting that one of his assistants mocked members of the opposition bench, saying that they would soon be relegated.

The Portuguese coach said at a press conference: “I tell the truth, not like some clubs or the police. Someone on my bench told the Salernitana staff they were going to Serie B. I went to apologise for the lad who said that."

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