Barcelona face Super League embarrassment as members may vote to block participation

Joan Laporta, Lionel Messi, BarcelonaGetty composite

Barcelona could withdraw from the newly-formed Super League if their members vote against participation, Goal has learned.

The Liga giants were one of 12 clubs announced as founding members of the breakaway competition, which was greeted by anger from many in football and has led several of the teams to consider pulling out.

It has now emerged that Barca insisted on a clause in their contract when they signed up which would allow them to pull out of the Super League if their socios - paid members of the club - vote for the club not to be involved.

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What is Barcelona's situation?

Goal has learned that Barca president Joan Laporta won’t ratify Barcelona’s membership in the Super League unless the club members vote it through first.

The entry document for the Super League is not identical for all clubs. Barcelona included a clause by which the club reserved the right to consult members on whether or not they participated in the competition.

Their participation in the Super League was initially agreed by previous president Josep Maria Bartomeu, but when he resigned earlier this year, successor Laporta insisted that they would only enter with the consent of the fans.

Sources at the Catalan club have told Goal that Barca put as a condition of taking entry into the Super League that it would go to a vote of the Assembly of Compromisary Members, the entity to which it annually submits various aspects, such as the annual accounts and budgets.

The Assembly are club members that can vote at meetings elected by socios to represent them - and if they vote against it, then Barcelona will pull out of the Super League, joining several other clubs who, having proudly announced they would be part of the new competition just last Sunday, now appear to be fleeing in their droves.

What has happened to the Super League?

The Super League was announced on Sunday, with Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United the founding members.

The format of the competition was supposed to be made up of 20 clubs, with 15 founding clubs and an additional five clubs that qualify annually, and was slated to start in August this year.

However the idea is in serious trouble - Chelsea and Manchester City want to pull out, while Man Utd chief executive Ed Woodward will stand down this year following the backlash.

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