Arsenal-mad Kosovan football fan names baby son 'Arsenal'

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Kosovo is home to a large number of Arsenal supporters and they continue to show their love for the club in somewhat unconventional ways

An Arsenal fan from Kosovo has revealed that he has named his newborn son 'Arsenal' — three years after naming his daughter after the north London side.

Astrit Dervishaj told Goal that the main reason for deciding to name his children 'Arsenal' and 'Arsena' was because of his "love" for the Gunners.

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Arsenal kid

Dervishaj has supported Arsenal for over 20 years and says his wife Albulena had no qualms in agreeing to the unique naming of their two children.

The couple already have a three-year-old called 'Arsena' - the feminine version of Arsenal in Albanian - and have no current plans on having more, although Astrit says that if they were to have another child it would be given an Arsenal-related name.