Akinfenwa no longer the strongest player in FIFA 19

After the winter upgrades, Frankfurt striker Sebastien Haller has been boosted to 98 strength, overtaking the Wycombe Wanderers forward

One of the most famous and recognisable strikers from the Football League, Adebayo Akinfenwa has become a global superstar with over one million followers on Instagram. Nicknamed 'The Beast', the Wycombe Wanderers striker is best known for his incredible strength.

Akinfenwa has been the strongest player on multiple versions of FIFA and, excluding special cards, he was the strongest player on FIFA 19 Ultimate Team with 97 strength. However, after the Winter Upgrades, his title has been taken away from him, by Frankfurt forward Sebastien Haller.

Haller has been bumped up from a 78 overall to an 81, and his 91 strength stat has been increased to 98 - narrowly beating Akinfenwa by one. With that, as well as 86 jumping, 82 heading, 80 ball control, 82 volleys, 80 finishing and 77 sprint speed, the Frenchman has become a pretty good option for any Bundesliga starter or fitness squads.

Sebastien Haller Frankfurt 2018-19

Akinfenwa will likely be anything but happy to have lost his crown, with The Beast having been the strongest player in every edition of the game since FIFA 12 - that's seven years of dominance.

In FIFA 11, there were just four players ahead of him, including Tottenham forward Fernando Llorente, while the strongest was Emile Heskey. During that time, no basic card had been able to overtake Akinfenwa, although he did share his number one spot once in FIFA 13 with Dickson Choto, who played for Polish club Legia Warsaw at the time.

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Still, Akinfenwa can't be too angry as his overall rating of 66 in FIFA 19 is the highest he's ever had in Ultimate Team and it is the first time he has ever had a silver card. On top of that, EA Sports gave him his own 99-rated card which will undoubtedly have 99 strength whilst bumping up his 44 pace to 96.

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And in addition to Haller's boost in stats, another player who benefitted greatly from the upgrades was Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford.

The 21-year-old striker has joined Borussia Dortmund's Jadon Sancho as the only Englishmen in the game to have five-star skills. Rashford has been moved from a left winger to a striker and has received upgrades to his overall (82) rating, pace (93), dribbling (83) and physicality (74), making him a valuable card considering he's available on the market for around 3,700 coins.