The 'world’s coolest club' just got cooler: Venezia has rebranded for 2022-23

Venezia crestVenezia

Over the last year, Italian club Venezia earned itself a reputation as the “world’s coolest club.” It all started with its Kappa-produced home and away shirts – although being based in Venice probably helped as well – before it moved into lifestyle releases, including the launch of a swimwear collection. Recently, it also opened itself up to fans, allowing followers of the club around the world to invest in its new direction.

The latest stage of this is partnership with Bureau Borsche, who aim to build on the buzz around the club by reimagining its brand identity.

  • Venezia 2021-2022 kitsVenezia

    So, what’s the background?

    At the start of the 2021/22 season, the newly-promoted Venezia turned heads with the release of their home and away kits. Both designs immediately received plaudits, both for their appearance and the way they were launched.
    The shirts, produced alongside Kappa, were also part of Venezia’s evolution, as it set out on a new path. The club describes this vision as a mix of “progressive ideas, striking design and aesthetics, and emphatic representation of their city, placing them in the vanguard of contemporary football clubs redefining the relationship between sport and culture.”

  • Venezia 2022-23 kit imageVenezia

    Is that a new crest?

    It is, and it has has been created in collaboration with Munich-based design studio Bureau Borsche. The studio is best known for its work in fashion, creating graphics for Supreme, a new website for Balenciaga and working with New York label Telfar.
    Bureau Borsche, which is named after its founder Mirko Borsche, dipped its toe into the football world last year, when it redesigned Inter Milan’s badge into a simplified and modern new logo.

  • Venezia new crestVenezia

    Some pedigree. Is that a lion?

    Right again! It focuses on the Lion of Saint Mark, a winged lion who also acts as the symbol of Venice. The image of the lion has been integrated into the logo’s V, which is finished with a reference to its wings, also taking inspiration from a traditional Venetian gondola.
    For the new crest, Bureau Borsche have added the club’s traditional colours – green and orange – to the top of the V, while the lion returns to gold after a brief appearance in white. For most of the club’s 114-year history, the lion has traditionally been gold, although some periods over the last 25 years – including last season – have seen it reworked into white.

  • Venezia 2022-23 kit splitVenezia

    Will there be new kits?

    Oh yes, Bureau Borsche will also design the club’s kits for the upcoming season, with Venezia continuing its partnership with Kappa into a second season.

    A key feature of the upcoming season of kits is the return of the long sleeved jerseys which will be a focus of the new home and away collections when they launch. Both the home and away jerseys are set to be unveiled later this month.

  • What’s this with the golden crest?

    Yeah it’s a beauty. Venezia has also unveiled its pre-match kit for the 2022/23 season. The kit – which is described as a “first tangible expression” of the rebrand – has also been designed by Bureau Borsche.

    The shirt celebrates the black, orange and green colours of the club in a checkerboard design, which is finished with a wave pattern across each panel. Celebrating the new crest, the V badge arrives in total gold, alongside the Kappa logo.

  • Daniele BarisonAlessandro Simonetti / Venezia

    Anything else to report?

    Setting the tone for new season, the campaign for the pre-match kit also celebrates the city of Venice. Shot by Veneto-born photographer Alessandro Simonetti, the kit is worn by Venetian actor Daniele Barison, who starred in 2021’s Atlantide which told the story of the barchino (motorboat) culture.

    Playing on this theme, Barison wears the Venezia pre-match shirt as he drives his barchino around the Veneto lagoon.