USMNT & USWNT jerseys: 13 most iconic kits in history

USMNT USWNT jerseysGetty/Goal
  • USWNT 2013Getty

    132012 Home 'Waldo'

    The 2012 home kit - called the 'Waldo' for its red and white stripes - is considered the classic and quintessential U.S. shirt. It is sleek, simple but effective, and the most accurate visual representation of the American flag. Red and white hoops on the shirt, blue shorts and white socks - the kit shows off the stars and stripes in their most beloved form and remains a fan favorite.

  • USMNT Gold Cup 2017Getty

    122017 Gold Cup Third Kit

    Shirts just feel better when something was won wearing them. The USWNT scooped up their sixth Gold Cup trophy in style, outfitted in the supremely popular Gold Cup third kit emblazoned in dark navy and red stripes and stars across the sleeves. Fans loved the kit so much that it was sold out from official retailers within days of release.

  • Michael Bradley USMNTGetty

    112010 Away Kit 'Sash'

    What’s not to love about a jersey that has a sash across it? It's one of the most notable looks sported by the men’s side during their 2010 World Cup efforts in South Africa, and the white sash across a navy blue jersey a classic look.

  • Alex Morgan USWNTGetty

    10 2013 Third Kit 'Centennial'

    The 2013 Centennial kit was a celebration of 100 years of soccer in the United States, so the design is a nod to the U.S. Soccer jersey worn in 1913. The 2013 version is an updated, sleeker version of the retro kit, incorporating the throwback of the white design and blue collar with rims on the sleeves. The crest is the most obvious reference to the kit of yesteryear - it pays tribute to the original kit, featuring 13 stripes and 13 stars as an homage to the first American flag and the 13 original colonies.

  • Landon Donovan USMNT 2006Getty

    92006 Third Kit 'DTOM'

    One of the few USMNT kits that has red as the dominant color, the 2006 DTOM jersey - Don’t Tread On Me - remains one of the most classic and beloved in history. It incorporates a throwback retro look with the old-school collar, along with a navy white sash front and center.

  • USMNT 1994Getty

    81994 Home Kit 'Stars''

    There’s no way the incredible denim - yes, denim - jersey of the 1994 World Cup that had giant white stars emblazoned a blue background doesn’t make this cut. No jersey like this will ever be made again. What better way to celebrate hosting a World Cup than having giant star patterns floating across your denim jersey? There might be nothing that is more all-American.

  • USWNT 2014Getty

    72014 Second Kit 'Bomb Pop'

    Called the Bomb Pop kit because it resembles, yes, the iconic Bomb Pop popsicle ice cream (with the colors in reverse order). It is definitely a statement jersey and one that catches attention for its bright, vivid colors, most remembered for its journey throughout the 2014 World Cup (and not just that it resembles a popsicle). John Brooks' goal won the USMNT's opening game against Ghana, immortalizing its classic status.

  • Megan Rapinoe Alex Morgan USWNT World Cup 2019

    62019 USWNT Home Kit

    The 2019 USWNT home jersey won the U.S. soccer bracket which posed the question of which is the best kit of all-time. Though their fans didn’t feel that the jersey accurately represented the variety of classic kits the U.S. soccer teams have worn over the past couple of decades, its classic look is still special as it is the kit that the USWNT won their fourth World Cup title in.

  • USMNT 2008Getty

    52008 Home Kit

    The 2008 men's home kit is a minimal design, but memorable all the same. It is the most no-frills shirt, just a standard white top with subtle narrow red stripes across it, along with a subtle v-neck.

  • Carli Lloyd Alex Morgan USWNTGetty

    42018 Home Kit

    Who doesn’t love a gradient on their jersey? The 2018 home kit puts an eclectic feel on a simple but modern look, red and blue gradients sitting across a white backdrop.The USWNT side wore this shirt in their victory against Jamaica in the 2019 World Cup qualifiers that ensured their participation in the tournament that they eventually won.

  • USMNT 2007Getty

    32007 Third Kit 'Copa'

    Probably one of the most ostensibly ‘vintage’ looks of the U.S. Soccer modern era, the 2007 third kit is still a popular item amongst U.S. soccer fans and jersey resellers. It is a ‘classic’ look in every sense of the word, the paler blue and thin vertical stripes a throwback to eras past.

  • USWNT World Cup 1999Getty

    21999 Women's Home Kit

    Sure, jerseys always look and feel better when you’ve won a World Cup in them, but the 1999 women’s home kit is noteworthy for its sleek and simple design all the same. Predominantly all-white - including the shorts - save for a navy blue collar and red numbers on the front, this kit is memorable for a variety of reasons.

  • USMNT 2011Getty

    12011 Third Kit 'Red Sash'

    The 2011 third kit, worn for the 2011 Gold Cup, combines some fan-favorite elements in kits - a mostly-red palette and the classic sash across the front, this time in navy blue. The kit remains one of the most popular of the U.S. shirts.