What are the best soccer player tattoos? From Ibrahimovic's lion to Messi's Jesus depiction

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Soccer is more than just a game these days. It is perhaps the most popular sport globally and has fans from all corners of the world. Soccer players, as a result, are high-profile celebrities with huge fan followings and their lifestyle choices generate massive interest.

Their hairstyles, accessories, automobiles and clothing choices are scrutinised. Another aspect that is often in the spotlights are players' tattoos.

Many current and former soccer stars have stunning tattoos on their body, from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi to Memphis Depay and David Beckham.

The tattoos could be of various designs, ranging from animals to mythical creatures and from divine figures to trophies they've won.

Many soccer stars even have personal tattoo artists and getting inked after a personal accomplishment is not uncommon.

Here are some of the most famous tattoos in soccer.