Champions League last 16 power rankings: Who is the most in-form team?

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Goal looks at the form for each team in the European knockouts, ranking them in order of success in their last 10 games in all competitions

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    #16 SCHALKE

    Schalke’s last 16 opponents: Manchester City

    Schalke were fortunate to find themselves in a very passable group in the first place. They are the 14th-best team in the Bundesliga and are simply unable to put together a decent run of results.

    They are not as bad now as they were at the start of the season when they lost five straight league games but don’t expect any surprises against City.

    Schalke’s last 10 results (most distant to most recent): 1-0 win, 1-1 draw, 2-1 loss, 3-1 win, 2-2 draw, 2-1 win, 2-2 draw, 2-0 loss, 4-1 win, 3-1 loss

    Power Rankings total: 15 points (pts), goal difference (GD) +2

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    Atletico’s last 16 opponents: Juventus

    Diego Simeone will no doubt be concentrated on reaching the final in Atleti’s new home but they have been handed the toughest possible examination against Juventus. Results have been surprisingly inconsistent – for a Simeone team – and the 4-0 walloping at the hands of Dortmund was shocking. That said, there will be resistance and belief, no matter what the odds say.

    Atletico’s last 10 results: 3-2 win, 1-0 win, 1-1 draw, 1-1 draw, 1-0 win, 3-3 draw, 3-0 win, 2-0 win, 1-0 loss, 3-1 loss

    Power Rankings total: 18 pts, GD +6

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    Barcelona’s last 16 opponent: Lyon

    Much will depend on Lionel Messi, who scored six goals in the group stages, and any team with the Argentine stands a better chance than the rest. Barcelona are undefeated in the competition so far, with only two draws blemishing their record, and have the prospect of a very winnable tie against Lyon in front of them.

    Barcelona’s last 10 results: 2-1 loss, 3-0 win, 3-0 win, 3-1 win, 2-0 loss, 2-0 win, 6-1 win, 2-2 draw, 1-1 draw, 0-0 draw

    Power Rankings total: 18 pts, GD +12

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    #13 LYON

    Lyon’s last 16 opponents: Barcelona

    Bruno Genesio’s side would be a lot happier if they didn’t have Messi and Barcelona looming on the horizon. They handed PSG their first Ligue 1 defeat of the season recently and qualified well from Manchester City’s group, having beaten them at the Etihad. Also, the likes of Ferland Mendy and Tanguy Ndombele will be the next players to earn the club a fortune in the transfer market. They are very good, but probably not good enough to outlast Messi over two legs.

    Lyon’s last 10 results: 2-0 win, 2-1 loss, 1-1 draw, 2-2 draw, 2-1 win, 2-0 win, 1-0 win, 2-1 win, 2-1 win, 1-0 loss

    Power Rankings total: 20 pts, GD +6

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    #12 ROMA

    Roma’s last 16 opponents: Porto

    Results have been wild since the turn of the year, with Atalanta fighting back from three down to secure a draw and Fiorentina beating Roma 7-1 in the Coppa Italia. There were only three wins in the group stage too, with defeat coming even to Viktoria Plzen. Don’t expect any repeat of last year’s defeat to Barcelona. There is not enough class in this team.

    Roma’s last 10 results: 3-2 win, 1-0 loss, 3-1 win, 2-0 win, 4-0 win, 3-2 win, 3-3 draw, 7-1 loss, 1-1 draw, 3-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 20 pts, GD +6 (ahead of Lyon on goals scored)

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    Liverpool’s last 16 opponent: Bayern Munich

    Depending on how close they are to a first Premier League title since 1990, Liverpool could opt to prioritise domestic competition instead. But if their eyes are on the Champions League prize then they have a great chance of going deep like last year. They could have got luckier in the draw, however, with Bayern in fine European form.

    Liverpool’s last 10 results: 2-0 win, 4-0 win, 5-1 win, 2-1 loss, 2-1 loss, 1-0 win, 4-3 win, 1-1 draw, 1-1 draw, 3-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 20 pts, GD +13

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    #10 AJAX

    Ajax’s last 16 opponents: Real Madrid

    With one of the most exciting young teams in Europe, Ajax could have hoped for a kinder draw than Real Madrid. They would have had a better shot at beating many of the other bigger clubs in the draw, but Madrid should prove a bridge too far. Eredivisie results have been erratic, with a 4-4 draw and a 6-2 defeat on their record in 2019. Look out for young stars like Mathias De Ligt and Frenkie De Jong, the latter of which is due to join Barcelona in the summer.

    Ajax’s last 10 results: 4-1 win, 3-3 draw, 8-0 win, 1-1 win on penalties, 3-1 win, 4-4 draw, 3-1 win, 6-2 loss, 6-0 win, 1-0 loss

    Power Rankings total: 20 pts, GD +16

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    #9 PORTO

    Porto’s last 16 opponents: Roma

    The best-performing team of the Champions League group stage, Porto are also top of the Primeira Liga. Sergio Conceicao’s side have been in impressive form all season long and Roma will give them no nightmares. They should come through that challenge but the quarter-finals are due to be a major step up in class.

    Porto’s last 10 results: 1-0 win, 3-1 win, 0-0 draw, 2-1 win, 4-1 win, 3-1 win, 1-1 loss on penalties, 3-0 win, 0-0 draw, 1-1 draw

    Power Rankings total: 21 pts, GD +9

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    Spurs’ last 16 opponents: Borussia Dortmund

    Results in multiple competitions have demonstrated that Mauricio Pochettino does not have the resources at his disposal to fire on multiple fronts. Add in the injuries to Dele Alli and Harry Kane and you can see why Spurs fans might not be optimistic about European glory this year. They have enough guile to compete against Dortmund but will meet too much resistance later on as the Premier League becomes the priority.

    Spurs’ last 10 results: 3-0 win, 7-0 win, 1-0 win, 1-0 loss, 2-1 win, 2-1 loss, 2-0 loss, 2-1 win, 1-0 win, 3-1 win

    Power Rankings total: 21 pts, GD +12

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    Dortmund’s last 16 opponents: Tottenham

    One of the most impressive teams anywhere in the continent during the first half of the season due to their awesome fire-power and form of Jadon Sancho and Paco Alcacer. Their lightning quick and intricate attack will give the Spurs defence nightmares and they will be an outside bet for the final four.

    Dortmund’s last 10 results: 2-1 win, 2-1 loss, 2-1 win, 3-2 win, 2-1 win, 1-0 win, 5-1 win, 1-1 draw, 3-3 loss on penalties, 3-3 draw

    Power Rankings total: 22 pts, GD +9

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    Juventus’ last 16 opponent: Atletico Madrid

    By signing Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus set themselves no less an objective than winning the Champions League. It’s been too long since the perennial Italian champions earned the prize in Europe and they have a squad full of match-winning experience this season. If they are going to win it outright then Atletico Madrid must be swept aside.

    Juventus’ last 10 results: 1-0 win, 2-2 draw, 2-1 win, 2-0 win, 1-0 win, 3-0 win, 2-1 win, 3-0 loss, 3-3 draw, 3-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 23 pts, GD +9

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    PSG’s last 16 opponent: Manchester United

    As much as United’s fortunes have turned since the draw, PSG’s have gone the other direction. The loss of Neymar is unquantifiable considering his totemic effect on the team and results have begun to falter without him too. Edinson Cavani’s injury at the weekend rules him out of the first leg and there’s no cover for unfit midfielder Marco Verratti. PSG have no recent pedigree in Europe to draw upon and will be much more fearful of a trip to Old Trafford than they were in December.

    PSG’s last 10 results: 1-0 win, 4-0 win, 2-1 loss, 3-0 win, 9-0 win, 2-0 win, 4-1 win, 2-1 loss, 3-0 win, 1-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 24 pts, GD +24

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    Real Madrid’s last 16 opponent: Ajax

    They may be six points behind in La Liga and have endured a disruptive season to this point, but Real Madrid have a habit of coming alive in the Champions League. They will face an Ajax side who will hope to catch the threepeat champions on a bad day, which, admittedly, there have been more of this season. No Zinedine Zidane and no Cristiano Ronaldo mean Madrid are not the same force this season.

    Real Madrid’s last 10 results: 3-0 win, 2-1 win, 1-0 loss, 2-0 win, 4-2 win, 4-2 win, 3-1 win, 3-0 win, 1-1 draw, 3-1 win

    Power Rankings total: 25 pts, GD +16

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    Bayern’s last 16 opponents: Liverpool

    It’s been an ordinary domestic season by their standards with Borussia Dortmund out in front but Bayern are a different prospect in Europe. They possess the top scorer in Robert Lewandowski and the objective is always to win it. Liverpool will be stiff opposition though and their pace could expose Bayern’s defence on the counter.

    Bayern’s last 10 results: 3-0 win, 3-3 draw, 4-0 win, 1-0 win, 3-0 win, 3-1 win, 4-1 win, 3-1 loss, 3-2 win, 3-1 win

    Power Rankings total: 25 pts, GD +17

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    Man City’s last 16 opponent: Schalke

    Still an unknown quantity in the Champions League under Pep Guardiola due to their propensity to collapse at the first sign of trouble during the manager’s first two seasons. However, they have the quality to go all the way, particularly in a field as even as this one, and have been in phenomenal form in 2019. Schalke should be swept aside and then the serious business begins.

    Man City’s last 10 results: 7-0 win, 9-0 win, 3-0 win, 3-0 win, 1-0 win, 5-0 win, 2-1 loss, 3-1 win, 2-0 win, 6-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 27 pts, GD +37

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    Man Utd’s last 16 opponent: Paris Saint-Germain

    Two months ago, when the draw was made, it looked like United would be out at the first knockout hurdle. However, things have changed dramatically. Jose Mourinho is gone, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has brought a devastating effect out of key players like Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford, and United are a totally different prospect. Throw in the injury chaos at PSG and United will be fancying their chances.

    Man Utd’s last 10 results: 3-1 win, 4-1 win, 2-0 win, 2-0 win, 1-0 win, 2-1 win, 3-1 win, 2-2 draw, 1-0 win, 3-0 win

    Power Rankings total: 28 pts, GD +17