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The 12 best soccer balls you can buy in 2023

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Are you inspired by your favorite soccer stars and want to start playing the game? For that, you'll definitely need a soccer ball, and we've got you covered.

There's no shortage of elite-level soccer balls out there to pick up and play with, and so much will come down to just what you want to earn from your game. These are balls that are top-of-the-range for a reason, and some have even been given the FIFA seal of approval.

However, if you don't want to empty your wallet, the official replicas also deliver a quality finish that translates into matchday practice, without the heftier price tag.

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Our top three:

Best overall soccer ball: Nike Premier League skills ball

Best budget-friendly soccer ball: Nike USA skills ball

Best training soccer ball: adidas UCL 2022-23 training ball


What size soccer balls are best for children?

It's important to get a ball size that corresponds with the age of the player. A suitable-sized soccer ball is designed to allow for improved play, without any unnecessary struggles when attempting to control the ball. When it comes to soccer ball sizes, the higher the number, the larger the ball. Here's an easy guide on the ages the three most common football sizes cater for:

Size 3: Ages 6-10

Size 4: Ages 10-14 

Size 5: Ages 14+

What soccer balls do pros use? 

Professional soccer players will use FIFA-stamped match-quality balls throughout training. These will usually correlate with the balls that will be used on game days, so they are used to the specific ball's weight, texture, and general feel. The MLS Pro Match Ball will be used this 2023 season, and you can get your hands on it at the MLS store and adidas. 

What are the best soccer balls for training? 

For training purposes you’re going to want a soccer ball that can withstand continuous wear and play, this is why brands release specific training balls. Training balls are typically tougher than most other soccer balls so they can withstand hours of play, training, and tricks - their specific construction makes them great for regular use. You can typically find training ball replicas of the best and most popular soccer balls. Bonus, they’re usually a lot cheaper too.