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NBA League Pass: Free trial, plans, pricing and everything you need to know

The NBA is not just one of America’s most-watched sports leagues but one of the biggest around the globe, too. It attracts star players and fans from every corner of the globe to watch basketball’s premier competition year in and year out.

With so many games each week during the season, action is not in short supply for those who want to catch it all, and with a healthy selection of channels - both linear and on pay-television networks, plus streamers - offering coverage, it can feel like you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing your games.

What if there was a way to watch even more NBA games, live and on-demand, all season long? That’s where the NBA League Pass comes in. It offers subscribers a slew of matchups to enjoy, no matter when or where they are.

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But what is the NBA League Pass? Where is it available? How much does it cost? Here, GOAL talks you through what the NBA League Pass can offer you, including cost, subscription and more.

What is the NBA League Pass?

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The NBA League Pass is the name of the subscription-based package offered by the NBA to customers with coverage of out-of-market games across the regular NBA season and postseason, offering up to 40 matches per week.

In the United States, NBA League Pass is available as a standalone subscription or as part of a pay television or streaming package. It pulls coverage from local stations and regional sports networks and offers live and on-demand access to the NBA TV channel.

However, it does not carry local in-market fixtures and is subject to blackouts when those fixtures are included on local sports affiliates across individual regions and areas.

Internationally, the NBA International League Pass is offered in multiple overseas markets and conversely offers full coverage of all NBA games throughout the regular season and postseason, free of blackout restrictions otherwise applied within the United States, with the notable exception of Canada.

Where is the NBA League Pass available?

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The NBA League Pass is available domestically in the United States, while the NBA International League Pass is offered in most major territories around the world with the exception of Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Japan, North Korea, Russia and Syria.

For more information on what services are available in your country or territory, visit the NBA League Pass website for a full breakdown of global NBA League Pass availability.

Is there a free trial for the NBA League Pass?

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The NBA League Pass periodically offers a free trial upon subscription, but not always. However, some streaming providers subsidize short-term deals themselves. Amazon Prime currently offer a seven-day free trial for those who purchase NBA League Pass through their Prime membership.

Does NBA League Pass give you every game?

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The NBA League Pass does not offer every game to subscribers in the United States and Canada. Instead, it offers only out-of-market games, with feeds typically taken from regional sports networks around the continent.

However, NBA League Pass customers in other countries can indeed see every regular season matchup throughout the campaign, with your subscription covering the full slate of available games.

NBA League Pass plans and pricing 

NBA League Pass is available in three formats at home and abroad - League Pass, League Pass Premium and Team Pass. The first represents the basic NBA League Pass option, while the Premium format allows users to stream matches across additional devices.

The Team Pass, meanwhile, offers a lower-cost option for domestic subscribers. It allows them to follow a single team for the full season.

PackageLeague PassLeague Pass PremiumTeam Pass
Monthly $14.99 / £14.99$22.99 / £19.99$13.99
Season Long $99.99 / £49.99$149.99/ £69.99$89.99

What are the differences between NBA League Pass and NBA League Pass Premium?

PackageLeague PassLeague Pass Premium
Stream on 3 devices simultaneously X
No commercials X
Stream every game
Watch condensed games
Customizable broadcasts, angles and stats 
24/7 access to NBA TV

What devices can I watch NBA League Pass on?

The NBA League Pass can be watched through multiple devices and is available to stream on compatible hardware such as mobile phones, personal computers, video game consoles and smart TVs. Simply download the NBA TV app on any of the below to get watching:

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • GoogleTV
  • HiSense
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5
  • Prime FireTV
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV
  • Sony TV
  • Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S


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What’s the difference between NBA League Pass and NBA League Pass Premium?

There are not too many differences between the NBA League Pass and the NBA League Pass Premium, with the main change being an increase in the number of devices you can simultaneously stream on.

If you’re the kind of NBA fan who likes to watch multiple games unfold at once, then the NBA League Pass Premium is a must, allowing you to keep tabs on all the key matchups on the court across the country.

Do I have to commit to NBA League Pass for a year?

If you subscribe to NBA League Pass monthly, you do not have to commit to the service for a year. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and it will terminate at the end of your current billing cycle.

If you have purchased an annual subscription for the season, however, you are locked in for the full season and will need to commit to the end of your deal.

How do I watch NBA from abroad?

NBA League Pass subscribers in international territories will be able to watch every game from across the NBA season, but the same will not necessarily be the case for domestic customers.

One option for watching the NBA abroad is to use a virtual private network (VPN). That way, you can access additional sports content from outside the local market coverage.

For more information, consider GOAL’s guide to what VPN best suits your needs.

Who are the favorites to win the 2024 NBA Finals?

As the team with the best regular-season record, the Boston Celtics are considered the nominal frontrunners to win the 2024 NBA Finals. The Massachusetts franchise enjoyed an excellent campaign and will hope to translate it into a run all the way to the championship.