'If he's not good it's because he's fat' - Payet reveals he lost 1.5kg as he responds to 'overweight' critics

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Dimitri Payet says he has lost 1.5 kilograms in weight as he hit back at the regular criticism over his fitness.

The former West Ham forward is a key player in Marseille's push for Europe this season, however, he has often been criticised for being overweight and lacking discipline.

Payet says criticism of his lifestyle is often unfair, and he has been spurred on by the brickbats to lose a significant amount of weight and keep himself in peak condition.

What has been said?

Payet told RMC: "I don't know how to take it. Currently I'm 1.5 kg less than the times we were talking about.

"It has often been the lightning rod, to say 'if he's not good, it's because he's fat'. Honestly, it didn't affect me more than that.

"When it's not going right in your head, usually the legs don't follow. I think it was more of that than a real weight problem."

Payet has no regrets

Capable of moments of remarkable quality both in the Premier League and Ligue 1, Payet is often viewed as an enigma who has not always reached his full potential due to poor attitude and fitness trouble.

Payet himself disagrees, however, and said: "Over time I have gained in consistency but that may have taken a long time to arrive. Yes, there have been ups and downs but it's like that for a lot of players. Maybe a little less with the big players but it's something for which I have taken a long time to fix.

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"I'm not someone who lives in regret. I think if I had the career I had, I deserved it. There may have been an opportunity or two to go play higher, but I made a choice that was more family-oriented and wiser. For me, the most important thing is to be happy in my personal life. For everyone around me to be happy, I had to come back to Marseille."

Responding to critics who say he does not produce enough in the biggest matches, Payet admitted: "That was the case, that was the case for a long time. Because I had an apprehension in approaching these big games. I didn't take the criticism badly because when it's the truth as a player, you know it when you're good or not."

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