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The best goalkeeper gloves for kids in 2023

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For most players on the pitch, a good pair of football boots and a sturdy set of shin pads are the only pieces of kit they need to worry about choosing. But for goalkeepers, another piece of gear must be thought of: the gloves. 

Goalkeeper gloves don't just exist as a fashion statement - they're there to help players in a game where they don't often need to use their hands. For children, in particular, a good pair of goalkeeper gloves is essential for their protection and enjoyment.

We've put together the best goalkeeper gloves for children you can buy today, dependent on what you want out of your game.

Our top three:

Best new release kids goalkeeper gloves:

Best overall kids goalkeeper gloves: adidas Predator Match

Best budget kids goalkeeper gloves: Kipsta Football First


What size goalkeeper gloves do I need?

Unlike adult sizes, children's goalkeeper gloves can vary depending on the age grouping. A seven-year-old player will need a different size glove than a thirteen-year-old, highlighting that a one-size-for-all guide is likely less valuable. Gloves are typically graded on a sliding scale between the numbers three and eleven - and it is between three and eight that you will typically find children's sizes. Here's a rough breakdown of the sizes needed for each age group:


You can find more detailed information on children's glove sizes on the retailer's websites.

Why are goalkeeper gloves essential?

Without gloves, a goalkeeper runs the risk of serious injury. This is not good no matter the player's age, but it can prove an awful experience for children, and an injury may put them off playing football in the future. Goalkeeper gloves help increase game performance and reinforce the hands with additional grip and cushioning - perfect for ensuring that youngsters will feel up to the sometimes daunting task of stepping in between the goalposts.

How often do I replace goalkeeper gloves?

You know it's time to replace your goalkeeper gloves when it no longer offers a good grip on the ball - which is critical. They will also need to be replaced if you notice the exterior material starting to crumble or deteriorate, which is a sign that it's time to go out with the old and in with a new pair of gloves - to help you perform the best you can between the sticks.