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World Cup 2022 fantasy football: Tips, best players, rules, prizes & guide

With the 2022 World Cup set to kick off on November 20 and the fans excited to watch their favourite players in action at the global stage, fantasy football gamers have plenty to be excited about too.

While the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is undoubtedly the most popular fantasy game on offer, FIFA's World Cup fantasy game comes with a lot of promise as well. It gives players the familiar excitement of picking and choosing the best players from across the 32 countries to form a formidable XI and win points against friends and rivals across the globe.

So, whether you're a seasoned fantasy football veteran or a beginner just starting to get to grips with fantasy games in general, GOAL's guide offers everything you need to new ahead of the new game on offer.

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How do you register a team for World Cup 2022 fantasy football?

To register a team for the 2022 World Cup fantasy football game, you can navigate to this dedicated section of the FIFA website.

It is recommended that you log in or sign up first and after that's done, you can start putting together you formidable fantasy football squad.

After logging in or creating a new FIFA account, you can create your team and give your squad a team name (check out the best ones here!) at the end of the process when you save your team.

You can play around with your team selection until the opening game kicks off on Sunday, November 20.

How do you play World Cup Fantasy game & what are the rules?

The objective of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible during the 2022 World Cup. The game ends when the tournament ends and the the players aim to top the global or players' own private leaderboards.

From your squad of 15 players, you must select a starting XI for each 'matchday' and each player will receive points based on their performance in each fixture. The points system is explained in a separate section below.

Each player is assigned a budget of €100 million and must pick a total of 15 players: two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. You can opt for one of eight available formation when preparing your matchday XI: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 5-2-3, 5-3-2, 5-4-1.

You can change your formation by removing a player from one position and adding in a player from another.

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You can choose up to 3 players from one of the 32 teams during the group stage, 4 from each team for the Round of 16, five for the quarter-finals, six for the semi-finals and eight for the final two matches.

The captain you choose for your team will receive double the amount of points on each matchday. Once your captain has played in a matchday, you are able to change your captain to another player who is yet to play. If you choose to change your previous captain, the points of only your new captain will be doubled.

The players automatically enter the global leaderboard. There will also be public and private leaderboards.

A full list of rules and FAQ's can be found on the official FIFA World Cup 2022 fantasy site.

How is fantasy football point-scoring determined?

Points are awarded to each player based on their performance in a match and can also vary depending on their positions:

Action Points
For playing 60 minutes or more1
For playing 60 minutes or more (excluding stoppage time) 2
For each goal scored by a goalkeeper 9
For each goal scored by a defender7
For each goal scored by a midfielder and forward5
For each goal scored by a forward 4
For each goal assist 3
For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender 5
For a clean sheet by a midfielder 1
For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper 1
For each penalty save 3
For every goal conceded by a goalkeeper or defender after the first goal-1
For each yellow card -1
For each red card -2
For each own goal -2
For winning a penalty+2
For conceding a penalty-1

Best fantasy football tips for a strong World Cup

Don't buy two expensive goalkeepers 

As only one of your two goalkeepers will be able to play each week, ensure your back-up is one of the cheapest players.

Pick a strong bench

Make sure you have at least two decent players on your bench, goalkeeper aside. There will be times when members of your starting XI are unexpectedly injured or dropped, so it's important to have players in reserve that you can be confident will be picked on a matchday and they will automatically step in.

Be patient

Wait until the last possible moment to make your team changes before a matchday starts. That allows you to look out for team news and get to know which players from your team, or those that you plan to transfer in, will be playing or not.

Know your set-piece takers

It's useful to know who takes free-kicks and penalties in their respective domestic leagues and the national team set-up. They can bring in a lot of points, especially if they are defenders.

Captain wisely

Your skipper will score double points during every matchday and be sure to always select from your strongest players with favourable fixtures.

Boosters can change the game

There are three available boosters - which are special perks explained in a separate section below - for each player during the tournament which can each be applied only once. Plan your strategy and use them wisely.

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Who are the best players to pick in World Cup fantasy game?

Each player is assigned a pre-determined price, with the top-value players considered to be the 'best' and most likely to score the most points over the season. The most expensive player on the game is France forward Kylian Mbappe who is available for $11.5 million.

A total of 10 defenders, including Brazil's Thiago Silva, Netherlands' Virgil van Dijk and France's Raphael Varane cost of $6m each, which is the highest value in the game for defenders.

Three goalkeepers - Hugo Lloris, Thibaut Courtois and Alisson are valued the highest at $6m each.

You'll have to spend $11.5m to get Belgium star Kevin de Bruyne who is the most expensive midfielder in the game.

Aside from Mbappe, the most expensive forwards in the game are Tottenham and England international Harry Kane and Real Madrid and France star Karim Benzema, who are both valued at $11m.

You are allowed a certain number of free transfers during each stage of the World Cup. Exceeding the limit will cost you three points for each additional change.

World Cup stageTransfer limit
Before matchday 2 starts2
Before matchday 3 starts2
Before Round-of-16 startsUnlimited
Before quarter-final starts4
Before semi-final starts5
Before the final6

What are 'Boosters' in World Cup fantasy game?

Each team is given three special powers that can be used during the World Cup to aid and enhance performance. They are: 

  • Power Captain: Get double points from the player who scores the most points from your entire squad. This player will automatically be assigned the captaincy.
  • 12th Man: select 1 additional player to score points for your team in a matchday. The 12th man cannot be substituted, captained or transferred.
  • Wildcard: Unlimited transfers within a specific round (cannot be used for the first match of the group stage or for the round of 16)

What prizes can you win in World Cup fantasy game?

There are no prizes on offer for players that top leaderboards in the World Cup 2022 fantasy game.

Players who enter the game and submit a team before the first match of the 2022 World Cup will be entered into a prize draw to win 2 tickets to the World Cup final.