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How many points do you need to win Premier League fantasy football?

The Fantasy Premier League is now live for the 2023/24 season with fans able to start picking their squads ready for the return of the English top-flight competition.

The Fantasy Premier League debuted in 2002-03 and has since grown to become one of the most popular games of its kind. It is directly linked to the growing popularity of the Premier League, which now spans the entire globe.

The game's idea is fascinating and exciting, with players from all over the world assembling a squad from the given budget that collects points depending on their real-life performances each week.

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With 380 matches over 38 game weeks, it’s fair to say that the Premier League season is a marathon, not a sprint.

It goes without saying that fantasy owners try to score as many points as possible each week — but the big question remains, what does it take to become a Fantasy Premier League (FPL) champion? or, to put it in a better way, how many points do you need to win the whole, on average? As GOAL answers...

How many points are deemed enough to win the FPL?

It varies from year to year as sometimes you will have a guaranteed point scorer every week, while you will also have crazily inconsistent seasons like the last one where several of the big hitters underperform, and underdogs rise.

Practically speaking, it takes about 2600 points to win the lot. It’s an intimidating goal. It feels almost too big to comprehend.

What do you need to do to reach it? Read GOAL's Ultimate Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 Guide.

Hitting the 2000 points mark over the season should be the bare minimum as it almost guarantees a top 30% finish.

How many FPL points did the winners score in the recent seasons?

Ali Jahangirov was named as the 2022/23 FPL champion. His team, FPLGUNZ, collected 2,575 points throughout the season. Jamie Pigott recorded the highest-ever points total in FPL in 2021/22, amassing a whopping 2,844 points. This equates to a gameweek average of 74.8 points.

SeasonManagerTeam NamePoints
2022/23Ali JahangirovFPL GUNZ2776
2021/22Jamie PigottFUTBOL IS LIFE2844
2020/21Michael CooneTEDDY BEARS UTD2680
2019/20Joshua BullTHE BULLDOZERS2557
2018/19Adam Levy#THEYAREUS2659
2017/18Yusuf SheikhYUSUF’S TEAM 2512
2016/17Ben CrabtreeFC CRAB DOGG2564
2015/16Dimitri NicolaouDIMITRIS GAVLES2458
2014/15Simon MarchATLETICO MARCHID**2470
2013/14Tom FenleyCAPTAIN SUAREZ!2634
2012/13Matt MartyniakDIVINE MERCY2472

What is considered a good score in FPL?

In the FPL universe, if you want to be well-ranked at the end of the season, it's imperative to keep up with the top point-scorers every gameweek throughout the season.

So, how do you determine what a good FPL score is?

FPL gurus and seasoned managers generally agree that averaging 50-59 points every gameweek is the bare minimum target. A gameweek score between 60-75 points is considered good, and between 76-99 points are excellent. 100 points or more is an outstanding achievement that falls into winner's bracket.

Using the gameweek's average score as a benchmark is potentially a more effective method since it changes automatically each week and makes it easier to track your progress. By attaining the gameweek's average points throughout the season, you will at least be in the top half by the end of the season.