Adams Maddison Ward-Prowse GFXGetty/GOAL

James Maddison, Tyler Adams and the relegated stars Premier League clubs should be queuing up to sign in the summer transfer window

The Premier League relegation battle is done and dusted, then, and boy did it get nervy. Southampton went early, and Leeds' fate was sealed early enough on the final day too, as they were battered by Tottenham.

For Leicester, though, there was hope and there was despair. There was light at the end of the tunnel, and then darkness when the final whistle came. Everton's win over Bournemouth condemned the Foxes, who become only the second Premier League winning club, after Blackburn in 1999, to drop into the Championship.

For all three relegated clubs, the consequences of falling into the second tier are huge. Managers will lose their jobs, fan will ask questions, there will be staff cuts and, in the case of Leicester in particular, serious financial issues will loom large.

Players, too, face uncertain futures. Relegation may be an occupational hazard for professionals, but it is still a stain on the CV, one which can and will impact their career thereafter.

There are, though, some extremely talented footballers who could now find themselves available this summer. And if any of these players are on the market, expect there to be plenty of clubs queuing up to sign them...

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