VAR has got to go: Tottenham-Liverpool farce must be the final straw

Liverpool Tottenham VAR farce GFXGOAL

Virgil van Dijk was reluctant to say the words. He didn't want to contribute to the controversy already swirling around Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday night, but he was still in a state of shock at the ludicrous nature of the mistakes made during Liverpool's 2-1 loss and admitted that he was "losing faith" in VAR.

"It's all a bit strange," the Dutchman said when asked about Luis Diaz's disallowed goal during the first half of the game in north London. "I don't know who was in the VAR room and making that decision. It's not a good thing. It doesn't look well either. But it is what it is. We lost."

Gary Neville was among those that believed Liverpool should have followed Van Dijk's lead and just moved on from what Jurgen Klopp described as "the most unfair" of defeats. Neville argued on Twitter that the apology that PGMOL issued shortly after the full-time whistle should have been sufficient to quell Liverpool's sense of injustice.

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It wasn't, though, and why would it be? Saying sorry can't just be the end of the matter because enough is enough at this stage. It's time to get rid of VAR.