'We are not ready for the Super League yet' - Weigang

Zulkifly Abdul Hamid / www.asiana.my
Perak head coach Karl Heinz-Weigang needs more time to prepare his squad ahead of the 2017 season kickoff this weekend.

With the first round of the 2017 Super League only less than one week away, Perak head coach, Karl Heinz-Weigang has said that his team are not ready to face the season just yet.

Speaking after their 3-2 friendly win against UKM FC at the UKM Mini Stadium on Saturday, Weigang said they have a lot to do in order to fully prepare for the upcoming season.

He also believs that it will take time for him to make sure the team get a better understanding of each other.

“Our team are not ready for the Super League yet. As you can see tonight, we still have a lot of work to do.”

“But you have to understand, we have a lot of new players. It is not easy to mould the players together.”

“New players came from different clubs and we also have players from the last year’s squad so it will take time for them to gain understanding between them.”

Speaking about their new import player from Albania, Vladislav Mitkov Mirchev, Weigang said it won’t be easy for the players to adapt to the weather and the different timezone here in Malaysia.

“The time is different from Europe, and Malaysia is 7 hours behind. He hasn’t fully adapted to this yet. The weather here is also different.”

“Over there, it is -20 degrees, while here it is 50 degrees. It’s like you are stepping out from the old shoes and stepping into a new pair of shoes,” added Weigang.


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