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Dortmund teenager Moukoko eyes partnership with Haaland

Youssoufa Moukoko is anticipating a formidable combination with Erling Haaland in Borussia Dortmund’s attack as he awaits his Bundesliga debut.

Earlier this year, the Cameroon-born teenage sensation was promoted to train with Dortmund’s first-team and having turned 16 on Friday, he could make his debut in the German top-flight against Hertha Berlin on Saturday.

Moukoko has been in astonishing goalscoring form since he joined the Dortmund youth team at the age of 12 in July 2016.

So far this season, the 16-year-old has returned 13 goals for the U-19 team and he is hoping to create a fitting partnership with Haaland, who has scored six goals in six Bundesliga games for Lucien Favre’s team.

"He's funny and jokes with me in training. We talk to each other and I've already learned a lot from him. I learned how explosively he goes into his depths,” Moukoko said.

"This combination would also fit: Moukoko and Erling. It won't be fun for the opponents at all."

Ahead of his potential debut against Hertha Berlin on Saturday, the teen goal machine recalled why he chose Dortmund for his next adventure after St. Pauli.

He added: "I got so many offers, but I just wanted to go to the club where I knew: Okay, you want to make it here.

"I think I would have done that with the others too, but Dortmund showed me a plan and so far it works exactly as it was shown to me. Ultimately, I decided on Dortmund because a lot of young players came out of it. That is extreme. A house number.”

Over the last two years, Moukoko has played against older players in the U17 and U19 team for Dortmund.

He explained how he adapted to training requirements at each level.

“After the first training session I thought: It's already intense. You have to be able to make up your mind quickly before you get the ball," he said.

"After the second session, I was able to do that. I can keep up very well.

"If you want to be a professional, you have to put up with a lot of effort. I was really small in the U13, but suddenly I got a body because I trained in the weight room every day - with and without an athletic trainer.

"But I can't help it that I'm good at football. I work and whoever does more, gets the reward in the end.”

Meanwhile, Borussia Dortmund manager Lucien Favre said the club are yet to decide if Moukoko will make the trip on Saturday.