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The 35 best football books to read right now

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Best culture football book

A New Formation

This is an essential addition to this best football book's list, which analyses the intersection between football and Black British culture. It's not about racism but instead draws upon the broader and social discussions of diversity, identity and representation.



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When people think of football books, they often think of big hard-backed autobiographies topping the best-sellers list. And whilst there's nothing wrong with a good old tell-all, there's much more variety out there just waiting to be read.

The authors of the following books have scouted the world in search of exciting stories - they've studied legendary teams, iconic players, and years of tactics to ensure that top footballing moments are immortalised in history.

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Here are 35 of the best football books to broaden your horizons, improve your knowledge, and rekindle your love of the beautiful game.