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Russian users removed from Fantasy Premier League following Ukraine invasion

It appears that all Russian users have been removed from the Fantasy Premier League game following the country's invasion of Ukraine.

The Premier League confirmed that teams who are managed by virtual users in Russia have been removed, affecting around 12,000 accounts.

Users can no longer select Russia as their nationality when registering a new team.

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What has been said?

The Premier League League confirmed that the decision was made as part of the movement to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The decision comes in the wake of the league's freezing of an agreement with broadcaster Okko Sport.

A statement read: "The league strongly condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We call for peace and our thoughts are with all those impacted."

Chelsea in turmoil over Ukraine invasion

The move is just the latest in a line of decisions that has been taken in the UK to stand against the invasion of Ukraine.

The UK government is taking decisive action against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich over his ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin, with his assets having been frozen.

Abramovich is being prevented from profiting from his British businesses although it does appear that a sale of the Blues will still be able to take place, with there still being plenty of interested potential bidders.

Head coach Thomas Tuchel has attempted to not be drawn into lengthy discussions about Abramovich and the financial situation at the club, commenting on how it has been "business as usual" in terms of the playing side of the club.

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