'I wanna be like Dele Alli' chant: Lyrics for Everton fans' song, video and meaning explained

Dele Alli Everton 2022Getty

Dele Alli is now an Everton player after completing a move from Tottenham on transfer deadline day in January - and it appears Toffees fans have taken him straight to their hearts.

Supporters at Goodison Park have come up with a new chant in honour of the England international, describing their admiration for his clothing and hairstyle, as well as his taste in cars.

So how does the new Dele song go - and what does the man himself think of it?

What are the lyrics?

According to a video posted on social media, the lyrics of the song - sung to the tune of 'Common People' by Pulp - are:

"I wanna be like Dele Alli,

I wanna wear whatever Dele Alli wears,

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I wanna car like Dele Alli,

And I want dreadlocks in my hair!"

What was Dele's reaction?

The former Tottenham midfielder appears to be a fan of his new chant, reaction to the video with a series of laughing emojis.

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