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'I don’t mind dying' - Luis Rubiales' mother continues hunger strike as she again calls on Jenni Hermoso to 'tell the truth' over kissing incident

  • Rubiales suspended by FIFA for 90 days
  • Continues refusal to leave post
  • Rubiales' mother, Angeles Bejar, undergoing Hunger Strike

WHAT HAPPENED? The 72-year-old continues to go without food, with the public backing of her son continuing to make headlines after he claims his kiss with Jenni Hermoso was entirely 'consensual'.

81 professional footballers in Spain, including all 23 FIFA World Cup winners, have announced their refusal to play for the federation until his removal. In addition, every member of the World Cup-winning coaching staff has resigned besides head coach Jorge Vilda.

Rubiales' mother, however, is standing firm on her claims that Spanish star Jenni Hermoso is lying about the incident.

WHAT SHE SAID: “I’ll stay here as long as my body can take it; I don’t mind dying for justice because my son is a decent person,” the 72-year-old told a reporter from TV station TeleCinco. “I want the girl to tell the truth,” said Ms Béjar.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: With the issue still failing to reach a conclusion, Rubiales' rallying admission that he will not quit has continued to cause a stir, with Spain manager Jorge Vilda rumoured to be on the verge of losing his own job after backing the Spanish official. In a sad end to a magnificent World Cup for La Roja, Hermoso continues to gather support from all across the footballing world, even from the Lionesses themselves who they beat 1-0 in this month's final.


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WHAT NEXT FOR RUBIALES?: It remains to be seen what happens next in this truly baffling sequence of events with Rubiales, for now, remaining in his position of power within the Spanish Football Federation.