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Barcelona are living a fantasy if they think El Clasico should be replayed - but Lamine Yamal's 'ghost goal' is the wake-up call La Liga needs to finally invest in goal-line technology

It took Joan Laporta four minutes to highlight the biggest issue in Spanish football. The Barcelona president released a scathing video on Monday, criticising - in no particular order - the Spanish football federation, La Liga, referee Cesar Soto and Real Madrid after Barca had a goal controversially denied in Sunday's Clasico.

In the clip, Laporta called for a thorough review of what could have been a game-changing goal. Lamine Yamal's clever near-post flick seemed to have crossed the line before Andriy Lunin shovelled it away, but La Liga's lack of goal-line technology meant the decision had to be sent to VAR - which couldn't make a clear decision as to whether the ball was in the net. The game remained tied at 1-1, and Los Blancos eventually won it, 3-2.

The incident brought Spanish football's most puzzling omission to the fore. The league, usually so effectively run, and clever adopters of the ever-controversial VAR, don't utilise the goal-line capabilities that are now standard across Europe. And although Laporta's childish gripes and silly calls for a replay are unwarranted, his central argument highlights that Spanish football cannot wait any longer to implement the technology it has curiously ignored for so long.

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