U17 World Cup: Carlos Amadeu: We Brazilians are really emotional

The Selecao juniors coach remains adamant that his team should not be referred to as outright favourites to win the tournament...

As Brazil sealed their progression to the round of 16 with a 2-0 win over DPR Korea at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi on Tuesday, head coach Carlos Amadeu seemed to be already making plans for the next game.

However, he reflected on the game, "In the first half, immediately we had a clear chance to score. If we had got the goal at that time, it would have been easier. We try to score passing the ball, inside and using wingers. Korea were doing a good work defensively. In the second half we started to alternate balls from the middle, the wingers were faster."

When asked if the North Koreans were a totally different proposition than Spain, whom they faced in their previous game, Amadeu replied by saying, "In truth, we don't choose our opponents or the strategy we have to face. We have to get used to this alternative style of playing. If the team are making a pressure in our defence, we have to know how to skip that"

"If they are parking the bus, we have to be prepared for that too. We were able to create spaces and areas to attack in this situation. That's why we had played many friendlies, training camps to be prepared to face many styles and we have our own style too. Today Korea tried some counter attacks but we were paying attention, that's  why they couldn't score a goal."

Brazil's midfield has been a treat to watch and the 52-year-old acknowledged the good work put in by the players. "In our midfield area, we had players who can make a clear pass. Last time you were talking about Marcos Antonio. Today (Victor) Bobsin had a good match. This is the most important for us."

"But, Paulinho felt hurt on his foot. We were preparing a substitution when he scored. As a precaution, I took him out of the match."

Looking ahead to the next game, the former EC Vitoria coach said, "Our teams have to be balanced all the time. Last game we faced pressure from Spain. Today, we were dominating. This is something that will help the guys in their career."

"They are playing together since 2016 when we won the South American championship. They are playing together all this time. What is good for us they are playing against each other in their clubs and playing together here. They know when to go fast, control the ball."

However, Amadeu chose to ignore calls for his side being champions-elect at this very early stage. "No, we don't consider ourselves favourites for the knockouts because this is a really difficult tournament. Today Germany had a difficult result against Iran. This is football. For now, we are in a comfortable situation because we are already in the knock-outs. When we play the knock-out, everybody is at the same place."

Similarly, he maintained how it was upon his charges to keep a steady head over their shoulders given their qualification to the next round with a game in hand. "We Brazilians are really emotional.When things are going good for us, we are happy. When things are not going as we thought it's going to be, we are sad and crying."

"What we are trying to do with this guys is this kind of balanced mind. They have to have their foot at the floor. Never think they are more than what they are or less than what they are. For sure that today until midnight, they can be happy and celebrate but tomorrow, next step is the game against Niger," he concluded.