Swapan Banerjee roped in as football secretary of Mohun Bagan

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Swapan Banerjee was named as the new football secretary of Mohun Bagan at the executive committee meeting held at the club premises on Friday...

Swapan Banerjee, alias Babun, was appointed as the new football secretary of Mohun Bagan. Major General Kartik Kumar Ganguly was named as the assistant secretary whereas Sishir Ghosh, Saroj Banerjee and advocate Aurobindo Sen were drafted into the executive committee as special invitees. 

An executive committee meeting presided by general secretary Anjan Mitra met at the club premises on Friday, with an agenda to fill key positions in the club hierarchy after 21 executive committee members put in the papers including assistant general secretary Srinjoy Bose and financial secretary Debashish Dutta. 

The position of the football secretary was lying vacant after former Bagan player Satyajit Chatterjee resigned on April 30. Bidesh Basu and Sishir Ghosh were the frontrunners for the post. Basu was a technical committee member who had resigned but his resignation was not accepted by the secretary. After he flew back to Kolkata on Thursday, Basu was approached by Mitra to take up the position which he duly refused. 

Sishir Ghosh was the next preferred candidate of Mitra. Rumours are that Ghosh had also accepted the proposal. But since the former Bagan skipper is associated with a number of sports bodies there was a risk of conflict of interest. Finally, the current ground secretary made the cut as the football secretary.

"It is a huge responsibility to be the football secretary of Mohun Bagan. I will keep no stone unturned to bring success to the club," Banerjee told the media after his appointment. 

It is also rumoured that Amitava Sarkar would be named as the financial secretary, but an announcement is yet to be made. 

Mitra and his followers are taking steady steps to restore normalcy to the club.

"Mohun Bagan Athletic Club will pay ₹45 lakh to Mohun Bagan Football Club India Private Limited. We have accepted ₹1 crore from the resigned president and have got another ₹1 crore as advance from various sponsors of next season. All due payments to footballers will be made as soon as possible. I do not take any responsibility of the accounts for the past two seasons. If necessary, a third party will audit the accounts of the past two years," said Mitra after the meeting. 

At this moment, the opposition camp led by former assistant general secretary Srinjoy Bose and former financial secretary Debashish Dutta, are keeping a close watch on the recent developments and are pinning their hopes on the upcoming elections to return to power.

But since accounts of the last two seasons are yet to be sanctioned, the election formalities are far from getting started. If all goes well, elections can only be held after the closure of the Calcutta Football League (CFL) in September. 


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