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'I don't think it's sunk in that I'm a Liverpool player' - Reds star Missy Bo Kearns is living the dream

Liverpool star Missy Bo Kearns grew up as an obsessive supporter of the Reds, and so now being a star of the club's women's side is something she is still getting her head around.

Kearns shone as Matt Beard's side won promotion to the Women's Super League in 2021-22, and the Merseysiders are now looking forward to being back among the country's elite clubs.

For Kearns, winning the Championship title was another moment to remember in a career that has already seen her captain her childhood club at the age of 20 and star for England's age-group sides.

"I've been playing for Liverpool since I was eight, and I don't think it's sunk in that I'm actually playing for them," Kearns tells INDIVISA as she visits Anfield during a trip around Liverpool for My City.

"Since I was a kid with my family, we've always come and watched Liverpool. I think Liverpool is a big part of my family.

"I'm still a fan. I still go to all the games. The fans have such a big impact on the club and I think when I retire that's when it'll sink in that I have actually played for Liverpool.

"I'm starting to tick things off - dreams are coming true. I'm the youngest Liverpool women's captain. I was aged 20 - that's an unbelievable achievement. We've just been promoted and I have won my first trophy.

"These are the things you think of when you're a kid and they’re starting to come true. Hopefully I can keep achieving more things that I wanted when I was a kid."

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