Is Manchester blue or red? Why Man City could soon usurp Man Utd as the best-supported club in the city

Manchester derby compositeGetty

Two chants encapsulate the age-old question of whether Manchester belongs to City or United and will be heard frequently in Saturday’s FA Cup final, the first ever final between the two teams.

“The city is ours, f*ck off back to London, the city is ours,” chant Manchester City fans. “The city is yours? 20,000 empty seats, are you f**king sure?” is how Manchester United supporters respond.

City’s stereotypical view of United fans is that they come from London and couldn’t point out Manchester on a map, while United like to joke that their neighbours are not even big enough to fill their own ground. Both views are, of course, complete nonsense, even if they contain shades of truth.

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But which team truly is the biggest club in Manchester and how has it changed over the years? GOAL investigates…