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Best men's Nike trainers GOAL / Nike

The best men's Nike trainers you can buy in 2023

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Everywhere you look in the twentieth-century history books of fashion and footwear, you'll find it hard to avoid Nike and its iconic Swoosh logo, such is the brand they have built over more than half a century.

As one of the leading sportswear companies in the world, they've risen through the ranks over the years, having started as Blue Ribbon Sports in the sixties, changing its name in the seventies and hitting superstar heights in the eighties.

As they continue to grow from strength to strength, they remain at the top of their game, matching ideas and innovation to deliver a one-of-a-kind success – and we've got some of the best you can buy right here.

New release trainers to classic wardrobe staples, we've found the very best men's trainers Nike has to offer right now.