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FIFA 21 Summer Heat: Release date, SBCs and Ultimate Team offers

8:30 pm AEST 13/5/21
FIFA 20 Summer Heat
The promotion replaced FUTTIES last year and celebrates the best cards and events of the season

Once the Team of the Season promotion ends in FIFA 21, EA Sports will keep fans entertained throughout the summer with new promotions, pack offers and other events.

The biggest promotion in previous years was FUTTIES, but this was replaced by Summer Heat in FIFA 20.

It is likely that Summer Heat will return again for FIFA 21, as it proved hugely popular last season and is the perfect final major event before FIFA 22 rolls around.

Goal brings you everything you need to know about Summer Heat, when it begins, which players will be included and more...

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  1. What is FIFA 21 Summer Heat?
  2. When does FIFA 21 Summer Heat start?
  3. Which players will be re-released in Summer Heat?
  4. What are the FIFA 21 SBCs and Objectives?

What is FIFA 21 Summer Heat?

Summer Heat replaced FUTTIES as the end-of-season event in FIFA 20, bringing back some of the best cards from the past 12 months to celebrate the season.

Hundreds of special cards are re-added to packs, making it much easier to add high-rated players to your squad.

New Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are released with additional upgraded players from all the major leagues and many of these players end up being the best players in the game.

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When does FIFA 21 Summer Heat start?

FIFA 21 Summer Heat is likely to begin in June, once Team of the Season ends.

Every day during Summer Heat, new SBCs are released at 6pm BST (1pm ET), while new promotional packs and other offers will be unveiled regularly.

Promotional packs are usually released in evenings and are available for 24 hours in limited quantities.

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Which players will be re-released in Summer Heat?

Hundreds of players from previous promotions and Team of the Week will be put back into packs, including cards from FUT Birthday, What If, Future Stars and Headliners.

The Team of the Week players who get re-released are some of the highest-rated versions and can be from any TOTW so far this season.

Over 250 special cards were re-added in FIFA 20 and that should be the same again in FIFA 21.

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What are the FIFA 21 SBCs and Objectives?

As well as the re-release of special cards from previous promotions, new upgraded players will be added through Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives.

These are not cards from earlier events, but are new limited-edition untradeable players that have received huge stats boosts, with some of them even as good as Team of the Season players.

Special packs will also be made available in the store to encourage people to spend their coins and FIFA Points on packs in the hope of getting some of the special re-released players.

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