FIFA 18 easter eggs: Five hidden quirks you might not have noticed

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 18
EA Sports
Think you've seen it all on EA Sports' latest football sim? We took a deep dive for a few of the little details you might not have noticed

FIFA 18 is a huge, huge game.

From the second edition of the The Journey to the enormous world of Ultimate Team, there is never a shortage of things to do on EA Sports' football simulation.

That's without even mentioning career mode, online competitions and all the other features big and small weaved into those various areas of the game.

It means that even the most die-hard FIFA player may inevitably miss out on or not even notice some of the details thrown in by EA's developers.

Goal took a deep dive into some of the quirks of FIFA 18 to uncover a few things you might have overlooked.


Thanks to the numerous trailers that EA Sports released before FIFA 18 hit the shelves you'll know that the start of the new game's story mode, The Journey, sees Alex Hunter weighing up interest from other clubs - Real Madrid in particular.

That doesn't go down too well with anyone at his current club, and Hunter is dropped to the bench. As he warms up to come on as a substitute, he's greeted with a chorus of boos.

The boos continue with every touch he takes on the pitch but you can shut them up by hitting the back of the net.

If you do that and then make your way to the nearest television camera, you'll see a neat bonus goal celebration in which Hunter professes his loyalty to the audience at home.

There was something similar in FIFA 17 - if you celebrated in front of a camera on last year's game, Hunter would pay tribute to his grandad, who plays a key part in the storyline.


This one's been in FIFA for a while - at least as far back as FIFA 12, in fact, as the above video shows.

If you play a game on the birthday of one of the players on the pitch, Martin Tyler will take a pause from calling the action to mention the special occasion.

It's a nice little added touch.


Kick-off FIFA 18

The pre-match team and kit selection screens feature a couple of players from the teams you have chosen lining up as a preview, as the screenshot above shows.

But what you might not have noticed is that whereas those two players, normally stand facing you, they do something a little different if the clubs you have chosen are rivals.

Rival kick-off FIFA 18

Instead of ambling around looking bored the players will turn towards each other, growling and glaring and getting a bit of intimidation in before kick-off.

Even computer animations know what the Manchester derby is about.


This was a weird one.

A few FIFA players noticed in this year's demo that there was something familiar about the game's referees.

Something very 1992, in fact.

Oddly, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville are the only two ex-players who have been spotted in all black.

Who knows, though - perhaps EA were testing a couple of faces for a Class of '92 release in Ultimate Team. That would be pretty special.


Warning: Minor 'The Journey' spoilers follow.

If you completed The Journey on FIFA 17, you might remember this young fan who asks Alex Hunter for an autograph before a game.

The Journey FIFA 18

Well, he's back in FIFA 18!

The only difference is that this time... he's Brazilian.

EA clearly decided to get another use out of the animation by dropping it in the game again, this time as one of two young fans from Rio de Janeiro who ask Hunter, enjoying a summer holiday, to join them for a three-on-three game.

The Journey FIFA 18

Hunter and his friend Danny Williams agree and what follows is a cool little feature to start The Journey on FIFA 18, with a kickabout in a cage reminiscent of FIFA Street.