VIDEO: Meet Evra's rather hairy new love!

Patrice Evra signing Olympique Marseille 2017
The Marseille full-back has produced his latest 'I love this game' clip on social media and it could well be the most bizarre on yet

Patrice Evra has taken strange to a whole new level with his latest Instagram video offering.

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The Marseille full-back has developed a bit of a reputation for producing bizarre but hilarious clips on social media, usually involving him singing along to his favourite tracks.

And his latest "I love this game" performance sees him sitting next to a monkey, getting the animal to kiss him on the lips.

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The monkey, who appears to be in the middle of its lunch, is only happy to oblige, initially sticking out its tongue before offering its lips to Evra.

The former Manchester United left-back posted the video on Instagram, with the accompanying text: "Just been on a date I ask her if she love this game and straightaway she put her tongue out.

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"I love this game #ilovethisgame#beapanda#love#monckey#funny#crazy#talkingtomonkey."

Who knows what social media king Evra will do next?!