Fat b*stard chants, Harambe tweets and relegation: USMNT star Weston McKennie's Leeds move was an absolute disaster

Weston McKennie Leeds 2022-23Getty Images

On Sunday, Weston McKennie played his final match in a Leeds United shirt. More times than not, fans are understanding of such a thing, showing some sort of gratitude to a player for putting on that shirt. The fans applaud, the players clap back, and everyone moves on.

Not McKennie, though. There was no warm reception, no gratitude from the stands. Instead, McKennie's final act in a Leeds shirt was greeted by a chant of three words from a large section of Leeds supporters: "You fat b*stard!"

That's how sour things had gotten during McKennie's half-season loan spell, one that started with so much promise in January. He was brought in to stabilize the midfield, to add a bit of Champions League pedigree to a team that needed as much quality as it could get.

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But, by the time it came to an end, the U.S. men's national team star's time at Leeds had gotten downright toxic as the club tumbled back towards the Championship. Not even a hilariously-timed Harambe tweet could truly make light of a situation that had gotten so bad for all involved.

Both sides will now move on and both sides will be glad to do so. McKennie's time at Leeds will be remembered as a total disaster, albeit one that quickly became nastier than it ever should have.