Enjoy Thiago Almada while you can, Atlanta! MLS winners and losers as World Cup winner proves he's destined to move to Europe

thiago almada atlanta united mls 09022022

Long before his miracle free-kick hit the back of the net on Saturday night, we all knew that Thiago Almada isn't long for MLS. He's too good, too talented, has too much potential.

The clock is ticking on his Atlanta United career as, at some point soon, Europe's big guns will come calling.

And that's what makes what he's doing all the more impressive: we have our expectations, and he repeatedly exceeds them.

Almada is expected to provide greatness and, every week, he does that in more. Just four games into the MLS season, he's smashing records, and doing so in a way that is almost unbelievable.

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Almada is THE star of MLS, at least for now, but he isn't the only big storyline from this weekend.

From newcomers continuing their run to the MLS Cup favorites' self-inflicted sign of weakness, it was an eventful weekend all over the league.

Here's a look at the weekend's big winners and losers...