Cristiano Ronaldo's interview, Ben Foster's penalty save and the 21 craziest moments of the season

Craziest Moment 2022-23 GFXGOAL

Football is unpredictable, enthralling and occasionally unhinged. It keeps us guessing, that's why we love it so much, and the 2022-23 campaign was no different. Over the past nine months, there's been countless crazy moments across the world's top leagues to keep us entertained.

We've been treated to managers fighting, unbelievable results and dramatic comebacks. Players arguing, explosive press conferences and even an incident that led to a saw being taken to a pair of goalposts.

GOAL have been painstakingly tracking all of these ridiculous scenes and with the season drawing to a close, what better time to relive all of the best bits. Here are the 21 craziest moments of the season:

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