Manchester United Veteran Paul Scholes Drops Retirement Bombshell

Scholes said, "Next year will be my last."

Manchester United's cunning playmaking midfielder Paul Scholes, 34, has drawn supporters' attention to the fact that his current contract could well be his last.

Scholes has one-year left on his deal, and cites the troubles he has had with fitness and injury as potential obstacles to any hope of renewal. He therefore believes that next season will be his last as a professional footballer.

He told the Daily Telegraph, "I'd have thought that next year will probably be my last year. I have one year left on my contract but this year hasn't been great and whether it will get any better next year, I don't know.

"I've had a knee injury this season. I seem to get a three-month knee injury every season now. It sets you back and I haven't contributed as much as I would have liked to have done. I get pain in my knees most days and I definitely feel my age.

"The eye problem is still there but I have become totally used to it now and that's not an issue," he said. "But I've dipped in and out of the team this season and really struggled, to be honest, playing one game every 10 days.

"Some people adapt to that and some enjoy it but I don't think it has worked for me. It's hard to keep yourself fit when you don't play every week."

Regarding his long-term future, and whether he will stay in the game, Scholes said, "I wouldn't rule out management. Let's see how the coaching goes first but I would like to be a manager one day.

"Whether I am or not, I don't know but I think I could put up with the demands that it brings.

"I want to spend more time with the family first, though, because this year has been worse than ever in terms of being away."

Alan Dawson,