Adelaide United Ban Aurelio Vidmar For Two Matches For Saudi Arabia Slur

Could it be three strikes and out for Viddie next time around?
Adelaide United has handed manager Aurelio Vidmar a two-match touchline ban for his slur about Saudi Arabia at a media conference this week.

The club’s imposed sanctions, which have been approved by Football Federation Australia, will see Vidmar incur a $10,000 fine.

Adelaide United CEO Sam Ciccarello announced the sanctions, which come after Vidmar’s flippant response to a question during last Thursday’s media conference.

“Our Coach Aurelio Vidmar made comments in response that we believe were inappropriate and whilst made in jest and flippantly, were in poor taste,” Ciccarello said.

“We accept that Aurelio had a poor choice of words in his response. We accept that he is contrite and he has apologised publicly, to the governing body and the club.

“The club’s situation always has been that it expects all of its representatives…to behave with a level of professional decorum and dignity, and we think it is a fair and measured response.

"We accept that this matter is now dealt with, the FFA will not be taking any further action and there will be no further sanctions considered under the governing body’s national code of conduct.”

Vidmar has accepted the club’s imposed sanctions after apologising for his comments, and he declares this latest episode will make him a stronger person in the long run.

“I have to take my medicine and it was unacceptable what happened on Thursday, and as Sam said it was flippant and off the cuff, but I need to understand and realise that I am one of many faces of the club and behaviour like that is unacceptable, so I need to get better and I will get better,” Vidmar said.

“I lost my cool absolutely, but I’m still in control and I’m still very focused on doing a job.”

“I know that I’ll learn from this. I’ve learnt from other mistakes I’ve made in my life so this will make me a stronger person.”

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