Algeria Team Bus Attacked With Rocks In Egypt, Three Players Injured

Things have already taken a turn for the worse in the build-up to this weekend’s crunch World Cup qualifier between the Fennecs and the Pharaohs.
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According to RMC, the Algerian national team bus has been attacked by projectiles in Cairo, having just left the airport. Three players are reportedly injured, including Rafik Saifi, who was hit on his hand, and Rafik Halliche and Khaled Lemmouchia, who were both struck in the head.

The gravity of the injuries sustained is not known, but Algerian players are understandably furious about the conduct of whoever is responsible for the reprehensible attack.

“They struck our bus with large bricks,” said a distraught Antar Yahia. "Players have open head wounds with blood. We were lying down in the bus. All the windows were broken. It makes you fear for your life. As long as our lives are not assured we’re afraid to play this match."

Yahia then went on to say that the security guards dispatched for the team did nothing in response to the attacks.

“They let them do it. You can’t launch five kilo rocks from 50 meters. They let them do it and watched. It’s shameful. In our home game we welcomed them with flowers,” he continued.

Mohammed Rouaroa, the AFA president told Jazeera Sport, "No match should be played as there is no security," and he added, "if the things remain like this we will not play."

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