Atletico Nacional Coach Ramon Cabrero: Colombian Football Has Lots To Learn

The former Lanus boss believes the nation needs to improve in order to be a force in the future...
Ramon Cabrero, the Argentine coach of Atletico Nacional, affirmed that Colombian football needs to improve in certain aspects, most importantly in the tactical side of things.

"I always believed in the quality of the Colombian player. Technically he is very good, but I see him very open, he returns in the middle of the field, an area with lots of movement, and in football one has to be very balanced," said Cabrero.

He continued, "If something surprised me it is that the matches are very open. As well, the marking isn't good and they have to be more organised. I think tactically Colombian football has to learn some things."

The Nacional coach thinks these are the main things that need to be changed in order for the future of Colombian football to be brighter.

"Tactically Colombian teams are very open and this has its consequences, because I think an organised team always, having good players which they normally have in Colombia, is a team with great possibilities to win."

Finally, Cabrero stated that his team have lots to improve on this season and that he has yet to find the ideal blend.

"This Nacional are very far from where I want them to be. I think we have a solid team from the midfield to the back. But from the midfield to the attack we are still very far behind."

Gregory Sica,