Rome Alcohol Ban Ignored As 50,000 Fans Arrive For Champions League Final

The ban on alcohol is not being followed as fans flock and drink ahead of the big event...
The alcohol ban for the Rome Champions League final has proved useless as a high number of bars, shops and supermarkets around the city have ignored it as fans continue to flock to the Italian capital, according to La Repubblica.

Although the mayor of Rome ordered an alcohol ban from Tuesday to Thursday in order to help prevent trouble between fans, shops in the city are putting profits before safety.

The report claims a number of bars and supermarkets are selling alcohol when they shouldn't be. Bars in Piazza Navona, Campo de Fiori and corso Vittorio Emmanuele all had glass jugs, pints and bottles of alcohol on tables throughout the night, when the ban was in force. Fans have also been buying spirits and cases of beer from local supermarkets.

Fans have been free to roam around with beer bottles and alcohol, with no challenge from the authorities.

The shops are doing nothing to help either as owners claim the ban is “worthless” and “bad for business”.

The situation is likely to get worse as 50,000 fans are expected to invade the city today. Up to 20,000 Barcelona supporters and the same number of Manchester United fans will arrive in groups, with a further 10,000 individuals making their way to the Italian capital.

Salvatore Landolina,