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O. Dembélé
Red Card
L. Messi
4 - 0
O. Dembélé
3 - 0
A. Vidal
2 - 0
L. Suárez
Nélson Semedo
1 - 0

Match Stats

55% 44%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 8 4
Total Passes 561 414
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Live table
Pos Team P W D L F A +/- PTS Form
1 Real Madrid RMA Real Madrid 38 26 9 3 70 25 +45 87 D W W W W
2 Barcelona BAR Barcelona 38 25 7 6 86 38 +48 82 W L W W W
3 Atlético Madrid ATM Atlético Madrid 38 18 16 4 51 27 +24 70 D W W D W
4 Sevilla SEV Sevilla 38 19 13 6 54 34 +20 70 W D W W W
5 Villarreal VIL Villarreal 38 18 6 14 63 49 +14 60 W L L W L
6 Real Sociedad RSO Real Sociedad 38 16 8 14 56 48 +8 56 D D W L D
7 Granada GRA Granada 38 16 8 14 52 45 +7 56 W W L W D
8 Getafe GET Getafe 38 14 12 12 43 37 +6 54 L L D L D
9 Valencia VAL Valencia 38 14 11 13 46 53 -7 53 L W L W D
10 Osasuna OSA Osasuna 38 13 13 12 46 54 -8 52 D W W L D
11 Athletic Club ATH Athletic Club 38 13 12 13 41 38 +3 51 L L W L L
12 Levante LEV Levante 38 14 7 17 47 53 -6 49 W W L L D
13 Real Valladolid VLD Real Valladolid 38 9 15 14 32 43 -11 42 W L L L W
14 Eibar EIB Eibar 38 11 9 18 39 56 -17 42 L W W D L
15 Real Betis BET Real Betis 38 10 11 17 48 60 -12 41 L L L W D
16 Deportivo Alavés ALA Deportivo Alavés 38 10 9 19 34 59 -25 39 L W D L L
17 Celta de Vigo CEL Celta de Vigo 38 7 16 15 37 49 -12 37 D L L D D
18 Leganés LEG Leganés 38 8 12 18 30 51 -21 36 D W W D W
19 Mallorca MLL Mallorca 38 9 6 23 40 65 -25 33 D L L W L
20 Espanyol ESP Espanyol 38 5 10 23 27 58 -31 25 D L L L L


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Both teams will now disband temporarily for the international break. If Barca keep their form as good as this when they get back, we're in for an entertaining LaLiga title race. That's all for now. Goodbye!
Barca's win lifts them to 2nd in LaLiga on 18 points, two points behind league leaders Real Madrid. They've won three league games in a row now, and look back to have recovered from their slow start. Sevilla stay 6th on 13 points despite losing three of their last four games. They'll be OK if they work on their finishing.
What a hilarious end to a strange game. Barca could conceivably have been 3-0 down before Suarez's opening goal. Instead, it's Sevilla who wound up on the end of Barca's masterclass of finishing. Barca rode out Luuk de Jong's several fluffed chances, then blitzed Sevilla with three well-taken goals in ten minutes. Messi's second-half free-kick only added insult to injury. Barca's two red cards were just the icing on an already garish cake.
90' + 3' Frenkie de Jong returns the favour by fouling Banega outside Barca's box. It's Sevilla's last chance to score. Ter Stegen punches the cross from the right away and that's the end of a ridiculous game!
É. Banega
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Banega is booked for hauling down Suarez as the Uruguayan bears down on Sevilla's defence. Fair cop.
90' Sevilla win a corner off Frenkie de Jong but the nine men of Barca hold firm. It's far too late to make a difference now anyway. There will be three added minutes.
89' Now that nonsense is over with, Sevilla can finally take the free-kick. Jordan takes it but can only hit Barca's defensive wall. That wasn't worth the wait.
Sergio Busquets
Yellow Card
88' Busquets also sees yellow for haranguing the referee about the two red cards. There's no point - he's already made his mind up. It's a Sevilla free-kick.
O. Dembélé
Red Card
88' BARCA GO DOWN TO NINE MEN! Dembele also receives his marching orders as the referee gives him a second yellow for dissent. This game has long been bizarre.
R. Araujo
Red Card
87' RED CARD FOR ARAUJO! Hello, hello! Can Sevilla still score here? Araujo hauls down Hernandez as he bursts through on goal. It's an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and the substitute has to go. Barca are down to 10 men for the last few minutes.
86' Vaclik prevents Sevilla's day from getting worse! The Czech keeper makes two saves, first from Messi's low shot from outside the box then from Suarez at point blank range as he follows up.
Yellow Card
84' Pique is booked after getting unnecessarily involved when Semedo fouls Munir.
84' Rakitic balloons over from range. This game is starting to wind down now. Both teams know this match is surely done.
82' Sevilla have quietened down since Busquets came on, but to their credit they're still trying. Munir counters down the left when Barca lose possession but can't find a teammate with his cross.
80' A late chance for Sevilla to grab the goal they deserve! Munir finds Hernandez in the box. Ever the goal hanger, the Mexican fires wide from very close range. It came at him too quickly, to be fair to him.
80' Messi just loves playing against Sevilla. That's his 37th career goal against the Andalusians in all competitions - he's scored more against them than any other team.
L. Messi
78' GOAL! 4-0 BARCA! Messi curls a delicious free-kick over the wall towards goal. Vaclik gets a hand to it but can't keep it out. What Sevilla would give for a finisher like him.
77' Barca get a free-kick in a dangerous position. Ocampos slips and accidentally blocks Suarez's ball with his hand. This looks ominous for Sevilla...
75' Rakitic receives the ball from Dembele and cannons a shot off a Barca defender from range. Up the other end, Sevilla get a corner off Semedo but achieve little with it.
R. Araujo
J. Todibo
73' Barca's final change is an enforced one. Todibo can't carry on. Araujo will replace him for the last 15 minutes.
72' Barca pop the ball around nicely until Todibo gives it away. Ter Stegen pushes Banega's cross from the right away from Hernandez just in the nick of time. Todibo manages to clear the ball, but goes down injured - it looks like the Frenchman will need to go off.
I. Rakitić
A. Vidal
70' Barca substitution. Vidal's day is over. He's replaced by Rakitic.
69' Sevilla win a corner - their seventh - off Roberto. Banega gets a shot away from inside Barca's box but it's blocked. It feels like Sevilla are finally losing hope now.
67' Barca win another corner, this time off Navas. Sevilla get it away, but Vidal picks up the pieces and finds Dembele in the centre of the box, who blazes over.
J. Hernández
L. de Jong
65' Sevilla make their final throw of the dice. Lopetegui hauls off the wasteful Luuk de Jong, bringing on Hernandez in his place. Not the worst person to bring on if you need a goal or three.
Sergio Busquets
65' Barca decide to shore up for the final quarter of the game. Two-assist Arthur is replaced by Busquets.
L. Suárez
Yellow Card
64' Suarez talks himself into the referee's book after he commits a foul on a Sevilla defender. Same old Suarez.
63' Barca get another corner off Carlos. This time nothing comes of it as Arthur is caught offside from Roberto's ball shortly after.
61' Pique misses his header from the corner. Sevilla are forcing this as hard as they can, but they need to be careful. Barca have already shown how dangerous they can be with little to work with.
59' Barca go on a menacing counter-attack through Messi. Barca's captain dances towards goal for what seems like ages before finally shooting, forcing Vaclik to dive low and tip it wide for a corner!
57' Ocampos needs to resist taking matters into his own hands now. The Argentine balloons an effort over the bar from range.
55' Ocampos lashes a cross from the right of Barca's box against Pique and into the side netting. Sevilla corner. Munir takes it and Carrico nods wide. What more can Sevilla do except score?
O. Dembélé
Yellow Card
53' Dembele is booked for a bad tackle. It seemed pretty unnecessary.
53' Dembele wins a corner off Fernando and sends it into Sevilla's penalty area. The away side clear it away with a minimum of fuss. It's mystifying how they're 3-0 down - they've had almost twice as many shots as Barca and just as many on target.
52' Make no mistake - Sevilla are going for this. Reguilon jinks past Vidal and has a pop from range. Ter Stegen's save bounces up in front of him, but the keeper grabs hold of it quickly before a Sevilla man can arrive to poke it in.
50' Sevilla get a bit of respite as Messi is called offside from Todibo's booming clearance upfield.
48' LUUK DE JONG HITS THE POST! Sevilla's luck just isn't in today. The striker robs Todibo on the edge of Barca's box and only has Ter Stegen to beat, but his effort rattles back into play off the upright!
46' The second half gets underway! Can Sevilla drag themselves back into this?
M. El-Haddadi
46' Second, Nolito - who was fairly invisible in the first half - is replaced by El Haddadi. Sevilla might as well be bold now.
Joan Jordán
Óliver Torres
45' Lopetegui wastes no time in trying to wake up Sevilla. He makes two changes at half-time. First, Torres off for Jordan.
Ocampos has been Sevilla's best hope in this game so far. He's been directly involved in three of Sevilla's last five LaLiga goals, grabbing two goals and an assist. Can the Argentine winger haul his misfiring side back into the game himself in the second half?
Barca's ruthless finishing is the only reason they go in at half-time with a three goal lead. Sevilla have pretty much been their equals, except Luuk de Jong has missed three great chances and Barca have been absolutely clinical. Suarez's acrobatic effort has been the pick of the bunch. If Barca are smart, they should see this out now - note the 'should'.
45' Vaclik intercepts a pass from Messi just in the nick of time before Suarez can get on the end of it. Sevilla just need to get to half-time. If they carry on this way in the second half they should get a few more chances to score. There will be one added minute.
43' Banega's corner is headed away again. Ocampos connects sweetly with a volley from the edge of the box but it flashes wide across the face of goal.
41' Navas crosses in from the free-kick and Nolito's header is safely at Ter Stegen. Dembele gets caught offside up the other end of the pitch, and Sevilla counter quickly. Reguilon crosses in and Luuk de Jong's header is blocked by Pique. Sevilla corner.
Nélson Semedo
Yellow Card
39' Semedo is booked for hauling down Ocampos on the edge of Barca's box. The winger's been Sevilla's brightest spark so far. Not his fault that Luuk de Jong's finishing has been off.
37' This is pretty par for the course for Sevilla - they've only won one of their last 24 games against Barca, only keeping a clean sheet in one of those games too - but they have to be disappointed by this. They really should not be 3-0 down.
35' Another assist for Arthur, although Dembele made that goal for himself. Never doubt the quality of this Barca side.
O. Dembélé
35' GOAL! 3-0 BARCA! Dembele coolly jinks to the centre of the box and fires past Vaclik into the bottom right corner. Sevilla are embarrassingly brittle. They played so well in the first 30 minutes and now the game's probably beyond them already.
Daniel Carriço
Yellow Card
34' Carrico is booked for a crunching tackle on Roberto. Messi's free-kick again whistlers just over the bar.
32' That was delicious from Arthur. One senses it was a shot rather than a cross, but who cares? Barca are suddenly 2-0 up and cruising.
A. Vidal
32' GOAL! 2-0 BARCA! Barca are just too good. Barca tiki-taka it on the edge of the box. Arthur curls a right-footed effort towards goal which Vidal steers into the net first-time. VAR takes a look but Navas is playing Vidal onside. No doubts there!
30' Arthur robs the ball back off Sevilla, prompting a roar of approval from the Camp Nou crowd. What can Barca make of this?
28' Sevilla should feel hard done by - they've been the better team so far. Reguilon looks for Nolito but the forward's offside.
Nélson Semedo
27' That all came from Semedo's ball in from the left. That was decent enough but Suarez's technique there was special. Vaclik had no chance.
L. Suárez
27' WHAT A GOAL BY SUAREZ! 1-0 BARCA! The Uruguayan is in space in Sevilla's box and curls a fantastic overhead kick into the net. That's what you get if you don't score against Barca.
26' Sevilla just can't find the net at the moment! Barca win a corner which they take poorly and Sevilla counter. Fernardo finds Ocampos with a delicious cross-field ball. The winger whips one in first time and Luuk de Jong's header bounces to the ground and over the bar!
24' Todibo heads out Ocampos' cross from the right. This time Banega's delivery from the corner is poor. Sevilla need to do better with these chances.
23' Messi steps up and curls an effort towards the top right corner with his wand of a left foot but it's just over the bar.
Yellow Card
22' Reguilon is booked for hauling down Messi as he raced after an over-the-top ball. Barca now have a free-kick.
21' Barca aren't having this all their own way but they're still Barca. Suarez almost tricks his way through the middle but can't quite get his feet together.
19' Sevilla counter down their right between Luuk de Jong and Ocampos and get a corner off Semedo. Banega fires in and Luuk de Jong only has to tap in at the far post, but he somehow fires wide! The visitors may soon live to regret these missed chances.
17' What a goal that nearly was! Dembele puts the cleared corner back into the box and Pique's cute flick almost gives him a straight shot at Vaclik. Unfortunately for Barca's centre-back it's just a tad too powerful and bounces to Sevilla's keeper.
15' Barca keep the ball at the back, gradually forcing Sevilla to retreat into their own half. Suarez gives Reguilon a hard time and pressures the defender into giving Barca a corner down their right.
13' Sevilla soon win a second corner off Pique. This time Fernando heads over from inside the six yard box. The away side have started brightly.
11' Chance for Sevilla! Ocampos takes on Pique and cuts back for Luuk de Jong. The shot looks destined for the bottom right corner, but Ter Stegen pushes it wide with his foot! The Barca keeper punches the resulting corner away. Barca try to counter but can't.
10' Sevilla look to make progress down their left flank but Barca nick the ball back. Dembele teases Navas on the end of the box and flashes a low cross across goal but no one in blue and red is there.
9' Ocampos tries another cross from the right that floats harmlessly out of play this time. Lopetegui barks instructions to his team.
7' This game's pleasantly end-to-end so far. Semedo angles a pass into the box that's cut out by Carlos. Barca corner. Dembele's effort gets cleared away comfortably.
5' Sevilla get their first attack of the game. Ocampos' cross from the right causes Ter Stegen some problems and the keeper tips it away before Luuk de Jong can get on the end of it at the far post. Banega's follow-up shot from outside the box is saved.
4' Messi nods a cushioned header to Suarez whose blast from 40 yards out lands straight into the arms of Vaclik.
3' Barca start the game with some bite as Frenkie de Jong fouls Banega in Sevilla's half. Reguilon takes the free-kick quickly but Nolito is offside.
1' And we're off!
The two sides are out on the Camp Nou pitch as Cant del Barca rings out. Barca are in their famous blue and red home kit, while Sevilla are wearing their clean white away strip.
On paper, this looks like a routine Barca win. Barca have lost just one of their last 58 league games at Camp Nou, and no side has defeated Sevilla more in LaLiga history than they have. Sevilla haven't won any of their last 16 league visits to this ground, conceding an average of 2.8 goals per game. Will Barca's continuity serve them well, or will Sevilla's rested XI give them the advantage?
Barca make three changes from the team that beat Inter 2-1 in the Champions League in mid-week. Todibo replaces the suspended Lenglet, while Vidal comes in for Busquets and Dembele starts ahead of Griezmann. Sevilla change their entire team from their 1-0 victory over APOEL in the Europa League just three days ago. The goalscorer in that game, Hernandez, is on the bench.
SUBS: Jules Kounde, Joan Jordan, Munir El Haddadi, Nemanja Gudelj, Javier Hernandez, Yassine Bounou, Sergio Escudero.
SEVILLA (4-3-3): Tomas Vaclik; Jesus Navas (c), Diego Carlos, Daniel Carrico, Sergio Reguilon; Ever Benega, Fernando, Oliver Torres; Lucas Ocampos, Luuk de Jong, Nolito.
SUBS: Sergio Busquets, Neto, Antoine Griezmann, Jordi Alba, Ronald Araujo, Ansu Fati, Ivan Rakitic.
BARCELONA (4-3-3): Marc-Andre ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Jean-Clair Todibo, Gerard Pique, Nelson Semedo; Arthur, Frenkie de Jong, Arturo Vidal; Lionel Messi (c), Luis Suarez, Ousmane Dembele.
Barca's opponents today are Sevilla, who sit just behind the Catalans in the table on goal difference. Julen Lopetegui's side have flip-flopped funnily in recent weeks, losing then winning 3-2 thrillers against Eibar and Real Sociedad. Let's hope for similar entertainment here!
Barca have not had the greatest start to their league campaign so far. However, two wins in a week over Villarreal and Getafe have moved them up the table to 4th. With Messi fit again and the chance of moving two points behind leaders Real Madrid, things are starting to get back on track.
Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of this LaLiga clash between Barcelona and Sevilla at Camp Nou, Barcelona.