Leonardo Wants Milan To Play Attacking Football

The new coach is already planning the tactical setup he will adopt for the Rossoneri next season, even though a lot will depend on the players he will have available.
Newly appointed Milan coach Leonardo already has an idea of how his team will be playing next season, as he is inspired by the Brazilian style of offensive football.

However, he admitted that a lot will depend on the players he will have, therefore the transfer market will play a vital role in this.

“I don’t know yet with which tactical setup we shall play, because a lot will depend from the technical material we have,” he explained to Milan Channel.

“I would say that there is a solid base, which is that of the 4-3-1-2 which can vary in identity. I think about an attacking game, which entertains and allows the players’ talents to give their best without losing consistency.

“Today the team who plays the best football in this sense is Barcelona. Italian football had various periods, I think for example about the 4-4-2, which was quite static, and the consequent will from the fans to see a more entertaining football.

“I inspire myself to Brazil’s game of Tele Santana, but those were the '80s, today you cannot do without the talent helped by the strength and battle because football has changed, [you need] more fighting spirit.

“Even a coach of my past like Guus Hiddink lately has varied a bit his game module, imposing more on the physical strength. Changes will always be there.

"I admired a lot the Brazil of 1982, light in its game, with players who basically did not have exact duties and who had two full-backs who pushed forward a lot.”

Glenn Debattista